Did the Teddy-blanket shrink??

One year... that's what in between these two images above and below. Maybe you remember the story of Ellie. I found her at the side of a road abandoned by a desperate kitty mom after a torrential downpour. It probably got too much for kitty mom trying to move all her kittens during the heavy down-pour. Anyhow, this tiny size was just about 10 days old, drowning wet and barely moving from hypothermia (you can read old post and see a brief video clip here  - this is just after I just brought her to the vet... I'd tucked her under my pullover for her to get some body heat for the journey). She spent several weeks in this (image below) homemade "incubator." A box padded with blankets and a constantly warm water-bottle to keep her body temperature in check. And she was wrapped up in this Teddy-blanket. 

She grew fast and became the prettiest of little kittens. This image below is from the card collection I sold last year. This one was the best selling - isn't that the most adorable face ever?! Since then we renamed her Bellisima - she is beautiful. 

Anyhow... to get back to the top image. The Teddy-blanket is still her all-time favorite. You can see just how attached she is to the memory of this blanket. She still loves to snuggle up as if she is still in the "incubator" - only now is seems as if the Teddy-blanket shrunk :-) But she can't run from that ginger hind leg. 

And talking of ginger...
Thank you all so much for your sweet participation in finding a name for the little new white/ginger tabby boy. So many of your suggestions could have fit him well, but it's official - he is now named Skipper (thank you Anesha!). He settled in within a few days as if he's always lived here. More images soon!


Clearly, two happy and healthy kitties! purrs
Cornelia said…
She is SO beautiful!
Crafting Queen said…
So beautiful, thanks for sharing these photos. It's great to see how they have blossomed. So pleased that that handsome boy is named Skipper and likes it as well. Lots of hugs from Anesha and Skipper (girl)
Annuk said…
Ellie is just beyond adorable!!!!!!
I LOVE that ginger leg! :)

Yes, I remember reading her touching story when I had just discovered your wonderful blog and I was starting to get to know you, sweet Joan, and your heartmoving mission! That Teddy-blanket is such a sweet memory to both her and you!

I'm so happy to hear that Ellie is so happy and doing great, and that Skipper is enjoying his loving home!!!!

Lots of love and hugs!
Anna and Zoe
Annuk said…
Ellie... I mean, BELLISSIMA!!!! :D
The name suits you so well!
what a GORGEOUS name for a GORGEOUS kitty!
Somehow I have missed your last few posts, I really need to pay better attention!! :-) But reading your last few posts all at once gives me a continued admiration for you and for the tireless work that you're doing to make a difference. I continue to send all my prayers for your continued strength, and for the health of all those in your care and that needs that you and your precious cats have will be met.

Take care!!
Dearest Joan,

That is funny; one ginger hind leg! Sometimes I wonder if two or more 'daddies' can be involved?! But she is a Bellisima; the prettiest big round eyes.
Great that Skipper has settled in so well.
Our Smokey does have a problem with his eyes and as I figured out it is the third eyelid. It might change in a couple of months as he growth healthy and strong. Let's hope so; he must have been through a lot as a little kitten. Abuse by humans.
Hugs to you and all the best for the many fur babies you tend to.
Jane and Chris said…
What a beautful girl..it's amazing just what love can do.
Jane x
Cat said…
So lovely! How wonderful that she is big and strong now :-)
She's so pretty. I love the name Bellisima, it suits her perfect. Adorable ginger tabby leg.

Thank you for taking such great care of her. Your loving care and attention is evident.
Marilia said…


✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.
Anna E said…
Belissima is really supreme - and the feeling of cozy, cuddly, warm and safe comes right into my room. Do you have a more recent picture of her, is that really her legs both of them? What a succes story, which confirms that your love and struggles are worth everything - where else would Ellie/Belissima be today...? (yes, I know)
Catherine said…
Such a cutie wrapped up in that blanket! Skipper ~ I love it! The name fits the little sweetie perfectly!
xo Catherine
David bone said…
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