Rosie's rescue flash-back

If you're fairly new to this blog you might not know this face. Rosie is a rescue from last year and one of the more dramatic ones. Dramatic in the sense of the state in which I found Rosie. She, I believe, already had one paw on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. You can revisit what she looked like the day I found her here. I was amazed myself at being reminded of just how weak she was. I have never seen a kitten as emaciated as Rosie. She was nothing but a handful of bitty bones - literally nothing else... well, and a bit of fur. She weighed a mere 500g (50% less of what she should have weighed) and when I initially picked her up to bring her to the vet I seriously worried I would break her bones. 

In this image above she had just returned home after spending 4 days at the vet. I felt she stood a better chance at initial survival in their care. 

Today Rosie is strong and strong-willed. She knows she shouldn't really be in the chair I photographed her (in this new photo-shoot) but if I try and remove her she will find her way back in no time - so of course I let her!! (yes, total puss-over I'm afraid, lol). 

Not so in her first days after being recued... She was so weak she didn't stand for the first 12 days and her digestive system was a complete mess. 

After recovering last year Rosie soon became very fond of her food (I guess a kind of over compensating). Today I have to watch Rosie by the food bowls - otherwise she'll just steal her way to some of the others food. She won't hesitate to smack or out-brain the slightly more intimidated kitties. She often puts her brother in his place in the food pecking order. This truly goes to show how bossy Rosie really is because he is the undisputed alpha-male around here and goes out of his way to show everyone who's number one! Well until sis enters - then smack smack and back in line he goes, lol!

But Rosie has me good (and she knows it) - all I have to do is think of her when I just found her or see one of these early images.

The above image is the first day Rosie was out after gaining her strength again. I love this image - her eyes are full of healing and light and gentleness.

It's still that same girl - sweet, impish, full of strength and very bossy!


I also am a cat lover, and your cats are beautiful, I had 5 at one time but now they have all gone, last one a couple of months ago. All rescued of course. I don't think it will be too long before another arrives xx
Annuk said…
Dearest Joan,
all I can say is THANK YOU for sharing the wonderful, heartwarming story of Rosie! What a beautiful, happy and contented looking girl she is!!!! Awwwww and how tiny and frail she looked... I remember reading about her when I first discovered your wonderful blog and I was trying to get to know as many of your babies as I could! I love that picture of her recovering too -- she indeed looks, and her eyes look full of healing and light and gentleness. I can really feel the immense love which fills your heart for each and every one of these wonderful "God's Little People"!!!
A big kiss to sweet Rosie!
And a huge hug to you!!!
Lots of love,
Anna & Zoe :)
Rosie sure have grown to be a beutiful catlady <3
Cat said…
Oh my goodness what a change!!! So lovely to see her strong and happy :-)
Catherine said…
Such a little sweetie! Oh if all such little kitties could be so lucky to find a warm home and a warm heart!
xo Catherine
Crafting Queen said…
What a lucky kittie she was that you found her. Thanks for sharing the update and photos, it's so lovely to see them. Lots of hugs to them all, especially Princess Skipper. Anesha
Dearest Joan,
So glad Rosie grew up into the bossy cat-girl she is right now! It takes a lot of healing and time but it is worth it.
Hugs to you,
Anna E said…
Of course she loves being in that chair - it´s all "rosie" colours!, and she´s got a very good taste in that cushion - I love it too! :-)
It´s really good pictures, and amazing to see her before and now, only one year later. I always thought she was so soft and gentle, but from your story I can tell, that "what is on the inside, is not always on the outside" ;-) Hugs xo
Jane and Chris said…
Miracles really do happen.
Jane x
PS Rosie shines with love.
You are the best,you really are,I remember crying over your rescue & how slowly Rosie recovered,thanks to you,you really are an angel to God`s little people.Those big eyes...I just melt when I look at that picture.You can feel his love.
Wish me luck,I`m taking 5 to the vets tomorrow morn,4 to be spayed & nuetured & the other for a check-up.I`m hoping that they will help with credit!I`m up to 6 cats,& my son has 2 more I took from the farm,my son has removed all carriers from my van,hid them,& I had to borrow someone else`s carrier to transport them in the am to the vets,hah! They are all indoor cats now.God bless you,phyllis in the usa
Deb said…
Your works' results show in this beautiful cat. That could only have happened with someone like you to come to her aid. The vets got her over the initial hump but it was your love that helped her heal from such a horrific start in life. I've said it before but I must say it again..You are an angel, Joan. I am so happy you do what you do. Hugs, Deb
Hilary said…
Wow, I remember very well how badly she looked.......and she is a beauty now. What a lovely outcome.
Heather said…
I have read through every single post you have made on your blog since I discovered it through a comment you made on someone else's blog a few weeks ago and I was curious about the title... from one animal lover to another I commend you for what you do (I rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife so we share a similar bond - as well as art/creativity)... thank you for what you do, not enough people tell us that! Your images are absolutely beautiful! Cheers.
Sandra said…
Just as Anne said: that chair is just too rosie not to have Rose in it:) It is so beautiful to see miracle kittens thrive and I know your heart is filled with immense love whenever you look at her... how on Earth do you expect to resist that? :)
Sandra said…
Just as Anne said: that chair is just too rosie not to have Rose in it:) It is so beautiful to see miracle kittens thrive and I know your heart is filled with immense love whenever you look at her... how on Earth do you expect to resist that? :)
purpleleath said…
You're a miracle worker!!! She is a strong, strong girl!!! I just saw the photo of how thin she was and she turned out so beautiful... Thank you, Joan! You've saved so many lives and you set an example for all of us! God bless you!!!
MarkD60 said…
Glad you saved her.
Marilia said…
I´m happy to you saved her!
I totally love posts like this, it shows so obviously what a little love and food can do.
Dear Joan,
that one of the nice stories. What a tiny poor kitty she was and how wonderful she looks today. Its o.k. that she is bossy, I think. Life has told her so. Thank you for rescuing and caring for this cats.
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
Rosie looks so healthy and happy. What a wonderful legacy you have given her.
pantarei said…

Joan!!!I am now reading posts on your blog and I am SO happy and positive that people like you exhist!
happy to have met you through my cousin!
best wishes !

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