A sweet sentiment from the Italian Alps

Item 1 - Black/Gold Bastet Brooch

At long last we're back in action with technology... and sorry if you've stopped by in vain recently.  It took longer than expected! I'm stacked up with stories and things happening but first priority is to present this lovely sentiment received from a very sweet blogger friend from the Italian Alps. Please meet Anna, creator of Annuk Creations (she makes - in her own words - Mediterranean Inspired Handmade Art Jewelry). And she is a Cat lover, yes, with a capital C! Pop over to her sweet blog annukcreations.blogspot.com and read about her own cat Zoe, rescued as a kitten on the Greek island of Rhodes. She is the sweetest soul and she has a passionate heart for the plea of the Greek cats. 

February has been a BIG expenses month for us (neuterings, multiples vaccinations, ear canal infections, bite wounds, medicines etc.) and we are in very great need of funds. We've still got 4 boys to go, but then I'm proud to say that our entire crew of 35 kitties are neutered/spayed. So without further ado... here's a little collection of Anna's jewelry donated to us to raise funds for the cats. The pieces are hereby put up for auction and you can place a bid in the comment box for any of these pieces. Just simply mention which item you are placing a bid on and the winning bids will be revealed Friday March 15th 12:00 (mid-day CET). Each item will be sent with shipping included in your bid. All pendants are auctioned WITHOUT the chains! Please leave a link to your blog or some other way for me to contact you regarding your auction bid. Starting bid 15$ for all items.

And here I'll let Anna introduce herself...

"Hi, I’m Anna. First of all, I want to thank Joan for this wonderful opportunity to put my jewelry “to the service” of a great cause I so deeply and passionately believe in! And I am really impressed by the amazing community which is loving and supporting Joan’s wonderful mission! 

I am a mixed-media jewelry artist, passionate animal lover, cat mom and cat lover! I live in the Italian Alps, but I have been travelling to the Greek islands of the Aegean for many years. I’m in love with the amazing light and colors of the Greek islands, and they have become one of the main sources of inspiration for my work. During my many trips to Greece, I have become aware of the huge problems the homeless animals are facing, and I have always tried to help as much as possible while on spot! My adored kitty Zoe is my little adopted Greek girl! I adopted her from Rhodes in the summer of 2003, and she has been an endless source of joy! 

I feel so honored to have this wonderful opportunity to donate some of my work for such a great cause as helping with Joan’s amazing rescue work! Each one of the pieces I created is absolutely one-of-a-kind, so there will be no-one else in the world wearing the same piece! The pendants are free hand-shaped in polymer clay, with a nice mosaic look (blue glass), the Bastet cat brooches are shaped in polymer clay using a mold I made myself. Polymer clay is very durable and more resistant than ceramic. How great it would be to give yourself or a loved one a handmade piece of wearable art, while at the same time helping a wonderful rescue kitty! "

Item 2 - Copper Bastet Brooch

Item 3 - Blue/Silver Pendant

Item 4 - Ruby/Silver Pendant

Item 5 - Black/Blue Pendant

Item 6 - Lavender Kitty Pendant

Item 7 - Lavender/Cobalt Glass Moon

Item 8 - Sea Green/Cobalt Glass Leaf

Item 9 - Lilac/Cobalt Glass Pendant

Getting a feel of the size of the pendants

Item 10 - Champagne/Cobalt Glass Pendant

Item 11 - Green/Gold Leaf

The size of the Bastet Brooches


MarkD60 said…
I like the cat ones, I think I could make some like the sea glass ones!
Crafting Queen said…
Glad you are back. Hope you make lots for the kitties. :)
I so wish I could help but right now I can't. Things are rather bad financially for us right now too. Hopefully in the future I will be able to help. Her work is beautiful. The link you provided took us to the Etsy shop, not the blog :(
Caren, there's two links - one to Anna's shop and the other to her blog. It's the one that has blogspot after the name. Thanks so much for stopping by, xo
Sandra said…
So glad to see you back!! I hope the auction goes well for you and the kitties. Looking forward to reading some of the stories that just wait to be written ;)
Sandra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Catherine said…
So many pretty items here!
Technology can be so frustrating.
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!
xo Catherine
Anna E said…
Come on you guys, this is an Aucktion! :-) So I´ll start by making a bid on item 3, the blue/silver pendant, which reminds me of the blue blue waters of the agaean sea. Hope all is well with you and the cat crew, and I know you have had many problems with online connections on the island plus your camera - so I´m SO glad you´re finally able to make it again here on the blog, and I hope people will support your work by partaking in this aucktion. When looking at Annas Etsy shop, the items there are much more expensive than 15+ dollar, so we get a great opportunity here to buy a unique piece of jewelry fairly cheep! xo
Anna E said…
PS Forgot an important detail, which is that I bid 20 dollars! ;-)
Amen to the Anna's in my life ;-)
Thank you Anna E!! xo
Bulldoggrrl said…
I would like to bid $20 for #1, the black/gold Bastet Brooch AND $20 for #7, the Lavender/Cobalt Glass Moon. I will watch as the time progresses and "UP" my bid as necessary. Bless you Joan. I did receive your email a while back and am so sorry I did not respond. I received all the beautiful post cards along with the "special" one you made of your blind girl, I love them all.
Much love to you and the kitties,

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