Feisty Rosie vs. naughty boy

I took this little photo sequence of Rosie sleeping because Rosie doesn't just sleep when she sleeps... for her it's a sleep fest!! A peaceful celebration of warmth, softness, comfort, fuzziness, contentment, a full tummy... something that altogether reminds me so much of going to sleep as a child with a smile on my lip. Rosie just simply rolls over in the most amazingly chilled poses and once in a while she half wakes up and quietly plays with the fairies playing around her paws (yes, there must be some - I swear she giggles when she plays with her paws!). 

Well, maybe there's two sides to Rosie (or she just defends her private life like a true warrior) but she becomes very feisty when she is outdoor. If someone is in her way she will just walk up close and buckle her head a la "You want a piece of me?!?" and "I'll give you a chance to think about it again!" Most cats wisely trots off. 

But as I mentioned in my last post, we have a handful of males on heat around at the moment and they don't budge. But neither does Rosie. That unfortunately landed Rosie in a major fight over the weekend. I heard and stopped the ferocious fight Saturday night, but couldn't see which cats it involved. But I assume a very large male which has been an absolute pest around here recently. He fights everyone - boys and girls alike. Rosie normally comes in at night, but Rebecca found her Sunday morning in a box where she wouldn't normally sleep. When she hadn't moved by Saturday afternoon Rebecca gathered something was up and had me come check on her. Rosie actually couldn't move! I had to pull her out of the box to see what was up and she was in great pain, chock and seemed as if she couldn't walk on her hind leg. When I picked her up to carry her indoor she screamed in pain. But I managed to put her in a quiet place where she slept for the rest of day. Monday morning we were immediately off to the vet. I honestly worried Rosie had broken some bones. But to my great relief she'd "only" suffered a large hematoma on the inside of one hind leg and a big infected bite wound on the other. Rosie slept through the second day as well and only began to regain a bit of appetite after she had some painkiller. It was evident that the shock had been very overwhelming for her. Maybe it will have taught Rosie to just be a little bit more careful in trying to tackle each and everyone. This is a fight she surely could have done without. 

But Rosie is now gently back on her legs again, still resting a lot but the inevitable antibiotic treatment has helped her a great deal already.

We're more keen than ever to get all the boys fixed to stop the inevitable fighting, which brings me to the news that I have now listed my original water-color miniature paintings in my Etsy shop. As it is with all my artwork, ALL proceeds goes towards the care of the cats. So I invite you for a visit to have a peak HERE - and possibly share the news if you have any art interested friends. My art dolls will be listed tomorrow evening. 

Also remember we still have a little auction on the go.

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Annuk said…
Oh Rosie, sweet little Rosie... be a good girl and stay away from those big boys!!! :)

Dearest Joan - I am so happy and relieved to hear that she's ok and no serious injury, thank God! She is just adorable... and those fairies and the giggling... that's just too cute!!! :)

A huge hug to you, sweet Joan, and all my love to Rosie and all the furry babies! Oh, and a hug to Rebecca as well! Thank you Rebecca for being such a precious and loving auntie for those babies! :)
Jane and Chris said…
Rosie's blanky brings out the colour in her eyes beautifully!
Jane x
Rosie we sure are all glad to hear you are OK. Sending mega purrs
Reena said…
She is adorable. Do hope you can get the boys fixed.
Anna E said…
Who would imagine such fierceness inside the soft and cuddly appearance ... so Rosie got one of the hard knocks of life, and I surely hope you catch that big male cat and get him neutered!! And the other boys as well.
Your water-color paintings are just too sweet, such finesse, simplicity and wise words. Lucky people, who will have those precious moments hanging on their wall, and at the same time support your endless work to see the best for Gods Little (cat)People :-) xo
Crafting Queen said…
Poor baby, glad she is doing better. Give her a hug for me. Love your photo of those lovely toes. Hugs to all the kitties.
Sandra said…
Is Xena her middle name? I am glad she is improving. And I am sure that boy cat will keep away from her from now on. Or vice versa.
MarkD60 said…
Cute Cat! I was looking at some kitty pictures of our cats, you can't see them grow, except in pictures!
Hi Joan,
Rosie looks so innocent and sweet when sleeping. Unbelievable that she fights with the male cats. Tough little Lady! I hope she will recover soon.
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
Cat said…
Sweet Rosie, I'm so glad she is recovering!!!!

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