Gracie is having a ball...

Remember the story of Gracie - the blind cat. It's taken forever to get Gracie used to being indoors, especially with the door closed. But recently Gracie decided that it was safe so she spent some days just getting the outlay of the room inside the front door and now she has practically moved in. She is now so much as ease that she actually plays. Just watch her having a ball (with a bell ball)!! She went for the sound and felt her way to the ball whenever she was close to the sound - and I swear she was giggling...

Tired out... time for a nap!


Jane and Chris said…
What a lovely post, I can feel Miss Gracie's joy! We share our lives with a girl with only one eye...she's a sweetheart, you'd never know she had a disability.
Jane x
Dearest Joan,
That was indeed a very unusual but touching post. How happy Gracie still can be, being young and playful thanks to your thoughtful bell-ball! It often takes very little to make up for the lack of things.
Hugs to you and Happy Palm Sunday!
Crafting Queen said…
THanks for sharing those adorable photos. She is so sweet playing with that ball. Hugs to you all. :)
MarkD60 said…
Great photos! It makes me happy to see this cat having fun.
Sandra said…
She sure looks comfortable and relaxed! So glad she loves the indoors. And she is such a beauty!
Annuk said…
I LOVE Gracie and I loved her the first time you wrote about her!!! She had already touched me on the cards you had made for Christmas. She is indeed a very special girl, and I can really see how much she enjoys life... I can indeed see her giggling! :) That ball with a tiny bell inside is great for her, kitties love them, and for Gracie it's a wonderful opportunity for playing in spite of her being blind.
What a touching, happy post!!!
Lots of love to you, dearest Joan, and will you please give a special little kiss to Gracie for me?
sleep well pretty girl. So glad you are doing so well
Catherine said…
Oh my stars! This little sweetie is good for the heart! Such joy to see her play. Love it!
Big hugs for you Joan!
xo Catherine
Heather said…
So glad she has found a good home and can be "happy" and feel safe... she is beautiful! Cheers~
She is such beauty! Glad to see she is doing so well!
Anonymous said…
So precious!
Anna E said…
Awwww how sweet she is!! I can literally see her smile :-) What a great invention, the bell-ball. It must be wonderful for Gracie to be able to play and HEAR where something is, when not being able to see it - must give so much satisfaction and joy, which comes across in the pictures. Bless both of you xo
We love us some grace!
Anonymous said…
She is a beauty. Her marking are so pretty. She is one lucky cat for sure.
Bulldoggrrl said…
Oh, my, she is a beautiful cat - I just want to snuggle with her and give her lovvins. She would fit quite nicely on my lap on a blanket in my big chair and we could both nap. Hugs & kisses from KS,
What a way to go, Gracie kittie. Grab that noisy old ball. Remember, IN is definitely better, probably especially for you.
Awwww , so sweet she is <3
Glad she choiced to be a indoor kitty :)
Madame said…
Åh Joan, jeg kan slet ikke stå for dine dejlige kattebilleder. Det var smukt at læse om Gracie.
Dear Joan,
I can relly see the fun Gracie has. What a luck that she has a warm and safe and loving home. I wish you and yours a wonderful time.
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
Love it. Gracie looks so happy. She's very lucky to have you.
Wow, your cat is very cute and beautiful, your blog is fantastic. Kisses.
Marg said…
Wow, those pictures are terrific and we are so happy that she decided that living inside was a good thing. Good for Gracie to play with the toys. Good to see you Joan. Thanks for visiting our blog.
Anna E said…
Jeg kiggede lige på dit link til Etsy - det ser ud til du har fået solgt de tre andre olivendukker?? Tillykke, hvor i verden mon de er fløjet til... :-)

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