Spring flowers and kind friends

Okay, so he has been the centre of attention all week but when you've been to the vet twice in the same week - and been under full anaesthesia, well then a bit (bundles and bundles) of undivided attention goes along way to a quick healing!

Today I went for a walk with my camera to try and catch a few of the pretty spring flowers we've got around at the moment and Benji made it perfectly clear that there were no spring flower prettier than him!!

It's been a busy week with Benji and a lot of injured paws (bite wounds to treat), eye infections and dermatitis (sometimes it just all comes in one go) but it's also been a lovely week because there has been a great sense of support from YOU dear friends. Thank you for placing bids on the auction, buying my art, writing a sweet comment, liking our new Facebook page and your kind emails... it's just so unbelievably lovely to feel all your  lovely support. For those of you on Facebook we would love it if you want to give a "like"to Saints & Apostles - the name of my creative label (you can read more about the name on Facebook - not as holy as it sounds!). I feature all my creative work there, and as you know by now, all the proceeds goes towards the care of the cats. The "like" button is just to the right on this page (as is the link to my Etsy shop). 

This week I received an email from a dear friend in the US asking if there's anything we need for the cats. And I thought to share it here... our little wish list. And it's simple really. Worm tablets (Milbemax, because they don't taste like something the cats won't eat) and flea treatment (Frontline). Because each cat really ought to have the treatment each month it  very quickly becomes too overwhelming for us financially (everything is covered entirely from our private funds). We have a minimum expense each month of $550 (does not include giving all cats flea and worm treatment). It covers a basic quality food, an ongoing supply of antibiotics and ointments - and a few superficial vet treatments. 

On a bigger scale we would love to have fancy cat beds, a store of toys and treats and not least proper shelters for our outdoor cats... but we get by with cardboard boxes and an increasing number of fleece blankets. We get a new fleece blanket free each time we've saved x number of points in our supermarket, but we're always short on laundry days. But overall the cats are happy. We might not be running an aesthetically fancy cat haven but it is overflowing with love, healing and compassion. And it obviously goes a lot further than aesthetics. Anyhow... if anyone would like to contribute with any items, please drop me an email (my email address can be found under my profile) and I'll send you our postal address. 

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!


That picture is GORGEOUS. So is Benji! purrs
Anna E said…
It looks like Benji loves spring, he surely makes a beautiful match with the shining flowers, so beautiful. The old tree looks like it has some ancient stories hidden in the holes, and has witnessed the unfolding life in your cat sanctuary. I know that love, healing and compassion fills up the space, and makes even an old cardboard box look special. But I do hope people might send you some of the things on your wish list to offer easement to both you and the cats..
Warm greetings from cold Denmark, where the snow-storm makes the temperature feel like minus 15 degrees celcius!! brrrr...
That is a beautiful picture of Benji amongst the Spring flowers.
Marg said…
That is such a pretty picture of Benji with the pretty flowers.
I know how you feel with so many animals but my thoughts are that these cats that we are taking care of at least have a home, a roof over their heads and good food even if they don't get a lot of fancy vet work. They are a lot better off than they were before they found us.
Hey there, Benji. You look gorgeous amongst those flowers.

As for cat beds, cardboard boxes with old towels in the bottom are fine for most kitties. The last fancy plush bed our Dad bought was ignored for most of a year, then peed in. He figured that was kind of a message. ;-)
Annuk said…
I couldn't say it better than Anna E did... :)
Dearest Joan, Benji's photo amidst that little paradise is a joy for the heart and soul! And your little babies are so lucky, because you are not "just" providing them with food and medical treatment, but with tons and tons of Love!!!!! I hope this year will make this lovely community which is growing around your wonderful mission grow even more and bring you more and more support! :)
Have a great new week, sweet Joan!
Catherine said…
Oh your photo makes me happy! Such sweetness sitting among all that beautiful color. Cute cute cute!
Banjo and I send many purrs and hugs!
xo Catherine
Mom says if things ever get better with us financially we will for sure help you out much more than we have. If you were in the U.S. it would be easier!
Heather said…
What a gorgeous picture of Benji... I have emailed you for info on your blankets... Cheers~
Deaerest Joan,
Got your likes and I love Benji's cute photo.
Wishing you lots of love.
Can you obtain the Frontline at a reasonable price?
You could try: PetCareChoice.com
We use them as it saves us lots of money on the Revolution for our felines. I don't use Frontline as we lost our dear Spooky due to heart worm and Frontline does NOT protect against it, so we switched.
Hugs to you,
Dear Joan,
what a wonderful spring photo of Benji inmidst of flowers. So pretty. Wish you and all the kitties all the best.
best greetings, Johanna
Crafting Queen said…
Super photo of Benji. Glad to see him looking so alert and handsome. Thanks for the list of items, will see what Skipper would like to send. Hugs to you and all the kitties especially Skipper #2.
MarkD60 said…
Benji looks kind of our cat LT!
This post makes me wonder how I can make it nicer for our cats...
Marilia said…
So pretty picture!
What a cat! What a picture! Things are tight for me right now but I will remember and contribute as soon as I can. In the menatime a big cuddle for all your kitties.XOXO Bea
What an incredible picture Joan!
So glad that things are going well.

Keeping your in our purrs and prayers.
LOVELY springflower and LOVELY Benji !
This morning we had - 12 C = BRRRR !!
I shall tell my mom-person to put in some green papers for the cat´s <3
Barbara said…
This photo is breathtaking! And I'm so happy to hear you're on FB now!
Anonymous said…
Lovely pic.This is mu second attempt to comment here. So I won't try to repeat my first reply.

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