What's going down in our little Greek valley...

Benji is being a jolly good sport playing up the eucalyptus tree in spite of having a bad toothache. He's lost weight and it was only a few day ago that I discovered that he'd actually almost stopped eating his kibble. I thought he had a bad stomach virus but yesterday I discovered the reason why. He's got a rotten tooth! He's going in for dental treatment on Monday.

Tiny little Cookie (or at least she was just a moment ago in my mind!!) was neutered a few weeks ago...

So was our beautiful Skipper - just look at her darling naked little belly. She's taken to eating thistles as in this image. They're seriously prickly to human hands but there must be something in its juice that's good for her tummy. She just ate the top of this thistle you can see in the front of the image... She doesn't like the prickly feeling in her paws but her tongue doesn't mind!?!! 

Spring time is moving in on us and pretty spring flowers are beginning to appear everywhere. Alongside the spring feeling in the air is a lot of free flowing kitty hormones and the accompanying noise! We live in a little valley where there's a remarkable echo so the sound travels undisrupted...  just imagine the joys!! (ahem ahem...). We are trying to gather our pennies to have our last three boys fixed but this time around the girls had to be our priority. 

Biscuit is our youngest and littlest boy - we hope it will be a while before he gets intoxicated by the girls. He is still my little baby and for now he just loves his mum!

Faces of the many little friends you haven't even been introduced to are enjoying life here and making the ever growing weeds in the garden looking so much prettier... this tortie girl is named Brownie and is the only cat that was actually born here, whilst we've been living  here. 

Her kitty mum Lucky (Lucky because she contracted and survived the deadly virus we had last year) was scheduled for neutering the day after Easter last year, but to my very great surprise, she taught me the lesson that a cat can be very pregnant even without you being able to notice!

Ninja - my very first Greek rescue (alongside Tiny) is always up for some wild games in the garden with his many new friends. He is very good natured and big-brotherly and I love the special connection I have with him and Tiny. It's where it all began really.

Reed is a beautiful grey and white girl who came down from the mountains and settled here more than 1 1/2 years ago. She was a feral and extremely skinny back then (hence the name) and she now suffers a chronic respiratory condition due to an untreated infection when she was younger. She has a good life here (putting all the younger cats in their place) but depends on regular steroid/antibiotic shots to keep her respiratory condition under control. She has great breathing difficulties but leads a quiet and beautiful life here. Sometimes she gets carried away and romp with the younger guys... then she needs to sit down and catch her breath afterwards. Her favourite thing is to find a quiet spot when its sunny, where she can roll over and get her lungs warmed up. 

Snowy has found a good balance in life. If you remember, he has also got a chronic respiratory condition with some damage to his lungs (just like Reed, but they struggle in different ways). He spent five months last year where he pretty much sat in isolation. Any play time would work him up in a way that would set him off in a bad way and I even had to limit his access to toys. It was a very difficult and worrying time. But it appears Snowy's lung capacity has grown with him growing (as the vet told us he possibly might) and he's also got a good quality of life where he can now be out and about playing with his many friends. He is cheeky and charming (and naughty!) and takes everyone by storm. He is a VERY beautiful cat. He relies on daily antibiotics. 

I'm trying to get my act together to get all my latest art listed in my Etsy shop - ALL proceeds as always going towards the cats.

Becky being charmed by Rufus - he's got a way with the ladies! Becky and I have already had many adventures together... as an example rescuing the life of a cat that was being killed by guard dogs. Becky heroically jumped the fence and together we maneuvered the cat to safety. We work very compatibly - no words needing to be spoken. This comes in very handy when you're trying to rescue a cat. We work very much on the principles of love, healing, stillness, compassion, understanding... qualities that make both cats and humans prosper.

Another little creative sneak peek... "Ethel the Pirates Daughter." A little creation made from olive twigs, fabric remnants and vintage bits. She is part of little collection of five "Twiglets" - each comes with their own story and 'certificate of authenticity'. They will also be listed in my Etsy shop next week.  I will write a little post here when they're listed. 

Finally a little reminder of the auction we've got on the go (see last post) with items kindly donated by our sweet friend Anna from Annuk Creations. She also made this adorable collage - thanks so much Anna. I was very moved and overwhelmed seeing so many of my darling rescues gathered in one little spot.

So there you have it... a little update from the life of our 35 rescues. 


Deb said…
Wonderful post,Joan. It is so nice to meet some new rescues and once again visit with some that we met last year. Everyone looks happy and loved.
Your hard work certainly pays off. Love the expression on Lucky's face. So sweet. Hugs, Deb
Jane and Chris said…
Boy, are they ever looking good!
Thanks for sharing the kitties with us...it's always nice to know how they are doing.
Jane x
Beautiful pictues of BEAUTIFUL cats! purrs
just stunning.......as always!
Dearest Joan,
Great photos of mostly happy settings for your rescued felines. It's sad that they need daily antibiotics as long term that will not work and it affects the kidneys as well.
Sending you love,
Annuk said…
Oh Joan, sweetest Joan... this is such a WONDERFUL post!!!!!
I so loved seeing some of your adorable fur babies enjoying life in their little Garden of Eden... They look so happy!!! I enjoyed and loved each and every word you wrote about each of them, and I felt like I'm getting to know each one personally! They all do have their very own traits and personality... it doesn't stop amazing us how unique each kitty is, does it? I wish Benji all the best with his dental treatment, and I was so moved by Reed's story, which I didn't know yet... She and Snowy are so very lucky to have constant medical treatment and to be able to live a beautiful, quality life!!!
Your artwork is amazing, dear Joan, and I can't wait to see more of it! :)
And last but definitely NOT least -- I loved meeting Becky "in person"... she sounds amazing!
Oh Joan, how I am looking forward to the day I'm going to meet all of you in that little oasis of yours!
Tons of love to you and all the gang! :)
Sandra said…
Aaaawwww, such beautiful pictures, I could read a post like this every day :)) They all look healthy, happy and beautiful.

Hello Becky, nice to "meet" you. I am so glad you were there to save that cat from those dogs.
Crafting Queen said…
It's wonderful to see them all enjoying their life now. Hope that Benji gets his tooth sorted tomorrow. Skipper is a very special girl and image eating flowers like that. :) Lots of hugs to all your kitties and Joan. :)
Anna E said…
Thank you for sharing all the pictures and updates. The pictures say it all, and don´t even need words to descripe just how much each single cat is with wellbeing. Each single "catonality" shines out of their eyes, no doubt they are in heaven. I´m so pleased Rebecca is there to help you, it must be a mutual strength to the benefit of all.
Concerning the cats on daily antibiotics; There is really no choise, is there? The alternative (of no antibiotics) would not be an option, so don´t worry about "side-effects". I´m sure the healing you provide for them will be of much stronger impression and effect, and will overwrite the eventual side-effects! xo
Anna E said…
PS (I seem to forget to mention things here, so I´ll take up an extra comment box lol): I L O V E the aquarel drawing and text, and the wooden doll is absolutely awesome!!! Look SOOOO much forward to seing the other dolls of your new family on Etsy. How can you even give (sell) them away?? I almost hope someone will buy them all, so they can stay together (yes I know I´m very childish LOL) XX :-)
MarkD60 said…
A lot of these pictures remind me or our cats!
Catherine said…
I love this post! So many sweet faces and it's good to hear how all of the kitties are doing. And look at your lovely spring! We have winter storm warnings out today!
xo Catherine
Marg said…
Well that was a lot of fun seeing all the cats. They sure are all looking great. Good to hear from you. Hope you have a super Sunday.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.It looks like you have your hands full again with your cats, and how beautiful they are by the way! I am sure they thrive because they know they are loved, and that this helps them overfcome their ailments and helps them to thrive.Spring looks beautiful in your party of the world!! XXX And p.s. yes, I still make all my products myself :-))XX Love from Bea
What beautiful kitties. It shows the great love and care you give them. Thank you so much for everything that you do. It's truly amazing.
Hi Joan,
your fur babies are all such strong personalities. Each is nicer than the other. I loved to see them all. Wish you all the best.
best greetings, Johanna
Anonymous said…
I loved seeing the photos of all your furry babies and getting to hear a little of their backgrounds. They are all so beautiful. Thank you!
Cat said…
Such beautiful babies!!!!

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