Kitchen window gazing

So April came and went - first time since i started my blog that I've gone an entire month without posting. Due to a spell of bad health and my body crying for my attention. Was hospitalised for a few days and recovering for many more. Still taking it easy and quietly enjoying all the furry healers around. Whilst I was recovering I spent many days in a comfy armchair with my feet up. And each day I was literally plastered with willing healers - it was as if they were fighting for space around me and it truly made me smile. They're giving back!

One day I observed Rufus and Fey kitchen window gazing and I just had to capture their lovely profiles and the Greek blue sky reflected in their eyes.

At the moment things are balancing out around here. We've reached a total of 35 cats some months back, and we simply can't house more. It would lessen the quality of life of the ones rescued already if we took on more. And it's a huge challenge... there's always a cat in need around here and in a few weeks from now there will be little "toffees" (aka tiny kittens) to be found everywhere. One of the dumpster cats we feed have just given birth about four weeks ago - and we know where she will bring her little ones to search for food! Yes, oh dear!!

Did you catch Fey's darling profile under Rufus' chin?! She's quite a shy cat so she feels safe in Rufus' confident company. 

I hope you are all well... thanks so much for stopping by.


Deb said…
Dear Joan, I'm so sorry to hear your health has been bad lately. I imagine you ran yourself down with all that you do for the homeless cats. Our bodies tell us when to put the brakes on and rest. It sounds like you are recovering so I am happy to read that. Yes, it is time for kittens and our shelter is now in need of more help. We carry on helping anyway we can as I never see an end to this madness. Education is the key. Your photos today are beautiful and I have missed reading your blog. Take care of yourself and hug those little 'nurses' for me. Hugs, Deb
Jane and Chris said…
So glad you are feeling better..feline nurses make all the difference don't they?
take care
Jane x
WE said…
Feel sorry to hear your bad health. I wish you to get well soon and back to normal life
Crafting Queen said…
So sorry to hear you have not been well. Hope you are recovering well. You have lots of lovely healers around. :)
Get well soon and lots of hugs to the furry ones, especially Skipper #2. :)
Annuk said…
Oh sweetest Joan... big (((((HUGS))))) to you!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues, but I'm so happy to hear you're feeling much better now and definitely on the mend -- and of course, reading about your sweet healers made me smile! :)

I just realized how time flies too... I've been back from Rhodes for a week already! I spent two lovely weeks there, it was beautiful (I love this season of the year!), although of course I always felt sad about the poor kitties on the streets... I miss my sweet furry friends, and I so wish they could all have the loving home they all deserve. I really KNOW how you are feeling!!! It was healing to be there again, though, and I felt peace in my heart.

Please do take good care of yourself, enjoy your little healers and know that I am thinking of you!!!
Lots and lots of hugs and healing thoughts!
I am so sorry to learn you had been under the weather. But, am glad to hear that you are doing so much better. Please take good care and regain your strength.

Anonymous said…
So sorry that you have been ill. I hope and pray that you continue on the mend.

Love the cats. I have a few more than you and now must think about a non-profit organization.

Lisa Gordon said…
I'm so sorry to hear you've not been well, and I hope you are feeling much better soon.

Rufus and Fey are just beautiful!
Oh No Joan!! I am so sorry to hear this!!
What in the world???? I am praying that you are ok, please, please take care of yourself!
Dearest Joan,
So sad to read that you again had some medical problems and needed to be hospitalized. Knowing how this feels and when you cannot spread yourself any thinner...
Those photos are lovely and felines are natural nurses that sense exactly what is going on! When Pieter had his kidney stone around 2001, our than feline Spooky (she got killed in front of his eyes later by a racing car, only 1.5 years of love...) sat pressed against Pieter's side on the bed with him! She did not leave his sight.
We just got back from CuraƧao where we had some quality family time (away from our felines but they have a loving and caring cat-sitter) to celebrate Pieter's birthday. Hope we all did lap up enough love and attention for carrying ourselves for a while and for staying healthy and balanced!
Tight hugs to you and wishing you well; think about yourself too.
Marg said…
So sorry about your bad health. Sure hope you are on the mend. Guess it is time for the kitties to take care of you. Sending lots of purrs that your health gets better in a hurry. Take care.
purpleleath said…
My girls and I are sending you lots of purrs and love for a speedy recovery!!!
Viola said…
I'm sorry you've been ill, and I wish you all recovering you can get! and I'm sure the cats are good healers. cats are so wise :)

Beautiful photos! <3
Catherine said…
Gosh Joan ~ I sure hope you are taking care of yourself and I'm glad you are feeling better. All those sweet kitties need you! And I love it that they took care of you in your time of need. Oh yes, our furry four legged friends bring us such comfort.

Sweet photos!

Keep getting better friend!
xo Catherine
MarkD60 said…
I missed you while you were 'out'. Hope you stay well.
Glad you're back.
Barbara said…
Joan, I'm so sorry you've been so sick! I'm very glad you're feeling a little better, and I'm glad you have such wonderful healers surrounding you. I know it will be hard for you not to take in more of those precious cats, but I think you're right in having to consider the quality of life for the ones you already have adopted. Maybe you'll inspire someone else to take some in!
Bulldoggrrl said…
Take care, my dear friend.
Hugs from Kansas
Anna E said…
I´m very glad you are recovering and getting better every day - it´s a good sign, that you are posting on the blog again! :-)

The photos are full of peace and contentment, and quite a contrast to what I experienced today; My daughter and I went to the Circus, and believe it or not - one of the performers was a man with white persian cats!! They were beautiful and looked like they were well kept, and were running up a pole (food on a plateau) and through a tunnel etc., getting a snack as a reward ... I honestly hope they were death (they were totally white), because I think they would get very stressed if they could hear the loud music and people applauses! Ang honestly, what a life for a group of cats, travelling from one town to another during the whole summer-period - in stead of living a natural life with time for hunting and kitchen window gazing like your lucky beauties on the photos...!

Take care, and speedy recovery xo
Anna E said…
I of course mean DEAF and not death!! in my comment above.
Many purrs for your continued recovery and your situation with the kitties..
Marilia said…
Purring to you!
Remember to take extra good care of yourself. Your fur babies will want you to do that. They love you soooo much. I just know that they do.

Sending many healing purrs to you.
Dear Joan,
I am sorry to read that you were not o.k., hope it is better now. To read about your many willing healers made me smile. They definately give you back a lot of love. So take care of yourself because only than you can help all your cats. Your photos are wonderful. Fey looks very feminine and Rufus seems to smile. So sweet!
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
MarkD60 said…
Someone needs to know how to take care of a kitten.

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