The convenient "problem solving"

A very dear cat friend of mine (pictured in the second image in this Christmas post) emailed me the story about this ginger kitty family a few days ago. 

Do you remember the story of Rosie and Rufus being rescued from a small town park? Well, a few days ago a woman (who now feeds these park cats every day) found two tiny kittens abandoned in the park. Sadly one had already died but the other was rescued and brought to safety. It seemed someone had just conveniently dropped the "problem" in this park. Unbelievably this cruel "problem solving" repeated itself the very next day. Three tiny ginger kittens abandoned in the exact same spot. The woman who feed the cats picked up these little babies and immediately brought them to a spot where she knew she could find my cat friend and her husband. They managed to get hold of a transport box and they then set off home to bring these now orphaned and desperately crying kittens to safety. 

On their way up through town and up the steps to where they live (Greek houses all clustered together high up on a hill) a miracle suddenly happens. A cat starts following them and acts all frantically and insistent. Yes, unbelievably and miraculously it turns out to be kitty mom who's obviously desperately been looking for her babies and by an absolute strike of luck she now accidentally happens to be reunited with her babies again. 

My dear friends then brought this entire little family home to safety where they could all enjoy the blissful  reunion. As you can see in this above image everyone was very happy. 

For the moment a very happy family but these precious babies are all looking to be adopted. My dear cat friends unfortunately have to go back to their country of origin for the moment, so they will be placing this beautiful ginger family with a woman who is already way above the number of cats she can handle (and sadly we just can't responsibly take more... we're already looking to possible homing the kittens from my last post). We're absolutely inundated with cats and kittens looking for homes and this is sadly also the reason for why some people mercilessly choose to discard "the problem" they way they do. Thinking that tiny kittens like these can fend for themselves dumped in a town park. 

So, to repeat myself from my last post, if anyone wants to give these Greek kittens a fighting chance and wants to spread the word of them looking for a forever loving home - please share the news (and on Facebook). Thanks so much!


Deb said…
Oh, it is a terrible problem, eh Joan. It seems to be this way in so many areas. I think of you often and keep you in my prayers. I know you always need help and I hope more people will come forward to lend a hand. Like here, the people who care about abandoned cats quickly find that they cannot take any more in to their homes. If only more would take just one it would make such a difference. Good luck with all the beautiful kittens. Hugs. Deb
Sandra said…
I can't believe the stride of luck this kittens and their Mum evenutaly were struck with! That is an incredible story. I hope the ones who took them from their mum and just dumped them suffer from this day on.

I will share this on FB.. these kittens and their Mum will certainly bring luck to those who will adopt them.
MarkD60 said…
We hardly ever get to see tiny kittens. They are the cutest!
Annuk said…
Oh my Goodness, Joan, what a happy story! A true miracle!!! And since I believe this story does have a happy ending written in capital letters somewhere, I know that a good solution will be found! I'm praying for that!!! And for you, dear Joan! :)
I know this cruel "problem solving" only too well from Rhodes too... how sad and heartbreaking each time. You and these wonderful cat friends are angels for these sweet, precious creatures. Thank you for all you're doing, and for posting this appeal.
Big hugs!!!
Heather said…
So happy Mum and babies were reunited, people do not realize that animals suffer for the loss of their babies too.... I will never understand why people who want pets are irresponsible enough to let them roam free without being neutered/spayed... if they take the responsibility on of a pet, they need to take on the responsibility of all that goes along with it... I know, it is a solution that many do not heed... positive thoughts going out for loving homes for all the kitties in your posts.... Cheers~
Dearest Joan,
Wish there would be people available to adopt these adorable kittens, including their cute kitty-mom!
Touching story and that kitty-mom must have been desperately searching for her babies.
Hugs to you,
Dear Joan,
I think the cat Mom has smelled that her kitties have been with that women. I hope so that somebody will adopt this cuties.
Best greetings, Johanna
Crafting Queen said…
Praying that the right person will turn up in time to give these tiny beautiful kitties a loving forever home. My heart breaks for them and wish there was something I could do. Hugs Anesha
Marian said…
Wat vreselijk...en ook weer een fijn verhaal.
Dit is echt dubbel, de kleine baby's toch weer herenigd met de moeder, maar ze moeten ook weer ergens geplaatst worden...wat niet mee zal vallen. En weet je die 'ginger' kleur is voor een poes heel speciaal..
Hier liep 3 weken geleden ook een 'uitdeautoneergezette' ginger kleur katertje van een maand of 5 rond. De buuurvrouw heeft zich om dit lieverdje ontfermd, en hij heeft nu weer een thuis, maar ik heb zo'n hekel aan die mensen die die onschuldige diertjes zo maar ergens achter laten, alleen maar omdat hij zich waarschijnlijk niet altijd even vriendelijk ( krabben) tegen hun kleine kinders die hem belaagden ( dit kunnen we op maken uit de reactie die hij geeft als je met je hand richting hem komt)
It is just sadly a terrible thing that is happening everywhere. right now here in the US with things being so bad for so many, a lot of ppl are giving up their animals and it just overloads the system. We hope these beautiful gingers are able to be some of the lucky ones.
Anna E said…
Her er så din veninde med den manglende kommentar ;-)
It really is a miraculous story in many ways, the fact of the mother finding her babies again! And what kind of person would even dream of separating a mother from her kittens!?! They are all adorable, and I hope they´ll find a bright future somewhere, together...
PS Jeg har selv en historie om "redningen" af en lille hund, men den kan du få i morgen :-) xox
Barbara said…
I'm glad it's a happy story, at least temporarily! I'll share the story, but you're the only person I know in Greece!!
Patricia said…
What a wonderful story - the mum's instincts to nurse her kitties just won't listen to human common sense! How glad of this! The photos are totally cute - and we can see the kitties are being cared for and look quite happy. One good thought is that at least these people are not 'eating' the kitties - as we do hear in some countries people eat dogs. Too awful to contemplate.
505whimsygirl said…
How amazing to have such a wonderful family reunion! I can just imagine the relief Mom felt.

I hope they find a foster home!

So glad those kittehs found their way back to momma. Orange girls are sort of rare, and a totally orange family is rarer yet.

We do hope they all have a good, loving home in their future.

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