It could happen...

Kind gestures and beautiful acts of kindness happens via Facebook and the blogger world so therefore I'm posting this plea for a travel comanion for this beautiful ginger and blind cat from the Greek island of Naxos (one of our neighboring islands). His name is Rocco and he is so unbelievably lucky to have found a new home, life and family in Oslo, Norway - far away from the merciless life on the streets of a Greek island.

So if you for some inexplicable reason happen to know someone who knows someone - who happens to be traveling from Naxos to Oslo - and who would be willing to carry and bring Rocco to the airport in Oslo, please contact Naxos Cats (NAWS) hotline +30 69 56 133 929 or send an email to

Thanks so much!


Anna E said…
He is beautiful and truly lucky! What lovely compagny he would make for someone on the journey from Naxos to Oslo - if I were to go on that journey, I would fall in love with him on the way :-)
Good luck to Rocco, and I cross my fingers that someone will acompagny him soon. xo

MarkD60 said…
I hope you find someone to catty the cat!
Hi Joan,
Thats so sweet that Rocco got a nice place in Oslo.
I shared the message via google+. Hope you will find somebody.
Best greetings, Johanna
Oh we share purr and pray that someone can accomplish this for handsome Rocco.
shared. All it takes is the right word in the right ear.. Paws crossed it happens quickly
I just tweeted this! Maybe we will get lucky!
12Paws said…
How purrfectly wonderful. Praying for Rocco.
Patricia said…
What a very lovely photo! it is a long trip - hope Rocco likes his new home, though.
Annuk said…
Praying and purring for Rocco to find a travel companion real quick!!!!!!!
What a wonderful, loving family he's going to be reunited with -- a family who saw the beauty in this wonderful boy who really deserves a loving home! I know that once he's finally reunited with them, LOTS of love are awaiting him!

PS: A good chance for the people taking care of him in Naxos is also to contact local travel reps from Norway, and to check charter flights. I know that the ladies from the local organization in Rhodes were doing this all the time, but the more the word goes around the better, of course!
Barbara said…
Yes, it could happen! I hope it does!
Dearest Joan,
Please do keep us posted about Rocco's fate. Hope he gets to depart soon for his forever family!
Did Tweet about it...
R's Rue said…
Beautiful photo and kitty!
Praying a travel companion is found for this wonderful boy very soon.

thank you for all you do.
505whimsygirl said…
Bless his little heart! I hope you are able to connect with someone!

I haven't been by for a while.

Anonymous said…
Hi there Rocco! I believe you are truly lucky and blessed and so as the family who took and accepted you for what you are. Continue to be a blessing and disguise coz’ you really are adorable! You may never have the vision but you have a family who will see it for you.

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Purrrrrring that Rocco gets where he belongs soonest.
Anonymous said…
Did the kitty get to Norway yet? I'm just now reading this.
Yes, petspeopleandlife - Rocco did indeed get safely to his new home in Norway. I only just learnt this news yesterday, but he is in a beautiful home with a mummy who loves him very much! Thanks for stopping by.
Good noos! We always wondered if he managed to make the trip somehow.

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