Bambi calling America!!

Before I tell this story, let me just inform you - those of you who may have wondered  about Rocco, the blind cat who was looking for a travel companion to his new home in Noway, well -he has indeed arrived in his new beautiful home in Oslo. I only just recently heard this good news. So thanks to everyone who shared his story. You never know these days where help will come from... and therefore let me rush on to the story of Bambi.

This is Bambi, found dying in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon at the beginning of June. And no, I don't respond to all stories I hear or see on Facebook about cats in desperate need - I have plenty of stories to tell you from our own part of the world. But when I saw these first images of Bambi on Facebook I simply could not not respond. I actually went into serious consideration to adopt him. But having thought about it some more I realised that Bambi would't have the optimum conditions growing up with us. We already spend many many hours each day making sure each little kitty is cuddled and noted and that's a big task with 35 cats. But I kept in touch about Bambi and his progress and I was unable to let go of knowing more about his future destiny. 

On top of these sad first images of Bambi I just felt such an immense sense of sympathy for the volunteers working tirelessly for saving animals in a place neighbouring up to Syria. 

Upon finding Bambi in the gutter he was abandoned and motherless, severely emaciated, dehydrated, anaemic and suffered a cold.

But luckily Bambi was placed with a loving foster mom and as you can see he slowly but surely made some amazingly beautiful progress. 

But, Bambi does suffer some intestinal issues, explained here in the words of the lady I'm in contact with from the Animals Lebanon rescue group;

"He is healthy, eats normally, plays with the other kittens but his only problem is that he has  difficulty pooping. Up until now, 4 vets have seen his case and each one of them has told us something different. Two of them told us that he has lazy intestines and later  on said that his colon is deformed, that is why his poop is  little in quantity. One vet told us that his as a small anus (congenital or due  to an old injury). He told us to massage it and later on a  surgery can be done to make it bigger; that way he won't have difficulty pooping. The last vet told us that he does have a small anus and he  has neurological damage and he prescribed Neurobion. The standards for veterinary service here in Lebanon are  very low, so we really can not trust what vets say here especially when we see little improvement. That is why we  always try to seek the opinion of international vets.

We usually prefer to send animals to the States because we don't have to be restricted by the blood test and we can send  them whenever we want. In Bambi's case, we are trying to send him ASAP before his condition worsens."

In my last email from her she informed me, via Bambi's foster mom, that his pain had gotten worse when trying to go to the toilet. So it's obvious Bambi's plea is urgent.

Bambi is looking for an American adopter or an American rescue group who would be willing to take on Bambi's journey from here.

I know some of my posts about the plea of all the various cats can seem a bit far fetched, but I never underestimate where help may come from. 

So... if nothing else, will you share Bambi's story please? In whatever shape or form or media you're able to. 

And if you are able to contribute a bit towards Bambi's medical expenses you can head over to Animals Lebanon donate site. If you do, please write that it is towards Bambi and via God's Little People. Thank you so much.

You can also pop over to their Facebook page - not so much for those that like happy images only! If you look for Bambi's story you have to go back to July 17th for the last post. On the way (July 22nd) you may encounter Karkou with two broken legs (oh yes, this girl could go on and on!!).

Thank you again!


Jane and Chris said…
My cats have their own blog..they will post a link to this post.
Jane x
Jane and Chris said…
PS Is it OK to use one of your photos on my cat's blog?
Jane x
Crafting Queen said…
Oh litte sweetheart. will post on my blog.
Thank you Jane and Anesha! And yes, by all means use the photos. I forgot to add myself that all the photos come via Animals Lebanon.
Oh, what a little sweetheart! I've shared and tweeted your post. Sending many purrs and prayers, Bambi's way.

Madame said…
Kære Joan, det er gribende at læse dine indlæg ♥
Marg said…
We sure hope they find some way to help Bambi. Wow what a story. Hopefully someone will step up to help. Thanks for posting this.
Anna E said…
Of course BAMBI needs to go to America, isn´t that where Bambi belongs (the Disney movie)?! ;-) I so hope this story has a happy ending, and what a lovely and speicial kitten Bambi is... <3
MarkD60 said…
Even dirty and sick, Bambi looks like a cute queen of a cat. I hope she finds a good home and health and happiness.
We will definitely reach out too. What a sad story but it has an almost happy ending we are hoping that as far as Bambi has come he will find the dream to make it all the way.
Anonymous said…
I'll share his story for sure. Wish I could do more to help! Poor little thing, but what an amazing difference already!
Dearest Joan,
Oh my, what a fate for certain felines, and other animals and even humans...
Let's hope there will be help soon.
Dear Joan,
such stories will be found in every country. So nice to see the good development of this kitten. I hope they can help this little one.
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
Have tweeted this and shared on our Cat Chat Facebook fan page.
Annuk said…
Dearest Joan,
first of all, thank you for the great news about Rocco! I am so happy to hear he's now happily reunited with his family in Norway, loved and pampered!!!
Bambi's story is indeed heart-wrenching, I remember when you had shared his photo some time back... He looks SO much better now, and I'm SO glad he's in loving, caring hands! Those people are doing amazing work, and I do pray that this gorgeous boy will find a way to get proper treatment in the US. Going to share this, of course!!!

Big hugs to you!!!
Kitties Blue said…
Absolutely cannot believe that little kitty survived. We really hope he gets the help he needs. Good luck Bambi. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
My heart is breaking for Bambi. I wish I had the money to bring him here and take care of him.

Prayers and thoughts for Bambi. I will also share his story.
Jan said…
Bambi's story is heart wrenching. How fortunate he is to have such amazing caring human friends now. I hope his story has a happy ending. Special Pet Prayers being sent up for him. -- Jan
Bambi is heading to the US later this month, a rescue is taking him!
Jane and Chris said…
Robin,how did this amazing thing come about? So many people are asking me...I'd love to tell them.
Jane x
I had emailed them about Bambi and they told me the good news but I don't have anymore details I'm afraid. Apparently it's very hard finding home for special needs animals in Lebanon, I'm considering adopting a blind kitten and a three legged kitten they have in foster care.

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