SOS from the rubbish bin

So we've done something we haven't done in a real long time - simply because we are now 40 + cats (new ones appear out of nowhere and simply won't leave) and our place is crowded out.
It's an inhumane thing - having to override ones instinct and having to turn away when you see a cat in need. Because we have NO-where to turn when we find a cat in need (even young kittens) we have been forced to just keep an eye on it from a distance and deem it fit enough for it's survival - if it doesn't have any obvious disease or distress.
But whilst I have been away, Rebecca got presented with the absolute impossible to ignore predicament... a beautiful little bunch of three 4 week old kittens - ruthlessly discarded in the field where we daily feed 8-10 stray cats. People have taken note that cats are being fed there and they obviously thought this would be the ideal place for these teensy toffees to learn to fend for themselves. Yes, say ??? 
Rebecca was in agony over these kittens because of our policy that we couldn't take more in, so she left an old padded bin, which would at least keep them warm and dry - and then she came back to feed and check on them. She kept them there for a week (and had an week of sleepless nights wondering about their safety) as there was no one else who would take them. That's until she broke the news to me and I came to "inspect" the predicament. I knew in advance that there was no choice. I knew from the weather forecast that we were expecting the first torrential rain of the year (well, since early spring) and it's no lie to say that these three guys would have drowned yesterday morning had they not been rescued to safety the day before. We had a few hours yesterday morning where stepping outside the door was like stepping into a bathtub... with thunder, lightning and strong winds. We both felt an enormous relief at knowing they were safe - instantly thriving under Rebecca's caring hands. A tragic situation of them being separated from the warmth and care and nourishment from kitty mom (and the heartache kitty mom must have felt at someone removing them from her) has been turned into a blissful rescue where they are safe and warm, cuddled and cared for and well fed. They have acted exemplary, instantly using the little toilet provided for them and they instantly acted as if they knew their new home inside out. I pointed out to Rebecca that yes, they did indeed know this place already, because that's where they'd lived in Rebecca's mind for an entire week in her heart and mind!! I'm amazed that she lasted that long before scooping them up and bringing them to safety.
BUT... we really seriously cannot keep them. It's been a principle of ours that we wouldn't compromise the health and well-being of the cats we've rescued already, so we did this rescue with blind faith, believing that this good deed would attract the help of willing angels. We are therefore putting out this plea which is both to find them a new home but also if anyone is able to contribute towards their first vaccinations and then their passports (which will include rabies vaccination and microchip) making it possible for them to travel abroad for a better life.
And if you would please help us by sharing their story on all your social media - thank you so so much in advance. On behalf of Buttercup, Goldie and Bouncer (Bouncer is the little creamy colored one at the back in the image below. As you can see, they are absolutely beautiful and just waiting for a safe and loving forever home.

 Hello kind people - would you like to help in making a future possible for us?

I'm the cheeky Bouncer...
I'm the beautiful Buttercup...
 - and I'm the slightly more shy Goldie...

We are very happy to be in a safe and warm place where we can just be kittens again and not have to worry about being out in the big bad world without our mom...
This could have been our fate... in a barren field left to fend for ourselves.

But we are again able to just be goofy kittens, and believe us we are... very goofy!!
Thank you for reading our story - we hope you will share it with all your friends.
If you want to leave a little donation for us, please use the Paypal button in the top right hand corner on this page and please remember to tick it as a gift (that way we avoid fees If you've got problems with that link our Paypal address is
P.s. In that top image it's Buttercup who's braved it out of the rubbish bin where we lived all on our own for an entire week. We think we are very very lucky!


Deb said…
They are so precious. Imagine a life for them in the open with no food, water or care. I know many do have to live that life but it boggles my mind how little kittens can make it if they do. I will share this post, Joan. God Bless you and your dear friend for helping them. I wish you all the luck in the world finding loving homes for each one. Hugs, Deb
Maine Kitties said…
Shared on Facebook and sent a small donation! They are super adorable!
MarkD60 said…
I know that when you were saying "no more cats" you knew you couldn't say no.
John Bellen said…
What a wonderful trio. I will see what I can contribute. Why don't you write an e-mail to the Cat Blogosphere site ( and ask if they will mention your need for funds on the site? They've done that with others in need, and it will reach a large community of cat-lovers.
Mark, we tried saying no for an entire year and we've suffered the heartache and consequences that came along with that decision. That is why I write that it's I humane to have to turn away, but we have actually been in that situation due to serious illness here. I have tried losing four young "container" kittens/cats that I kept alive for a good while - but they eventually all perished due to illness. I can't convey the heartache this caused me, knowing they would have survived had I been able to offer them a home. I puts you in a strange place when you have to decide and it tests some deep inner feelings about your own humanity.
We will mention in our post and we tweeted for you and we did a donation too. But we could not use the donate button. Of course we could not read why because it was in a foreign language but we hope you still received our donation via paypal.
Marg said…
Oh gosh, they are so cute. Sure hope you can find some homes for them or at least get them sent somewhere. Thanks for saving them.
Madame said…
Hvor er de bed√•rende - du er fantastisk, Joan ❤
I've tweeted and the peep and I are both sharin' on FB. Thank God you found these darlin' babies and brought them to safety.

Anonymous said…
Jenn said…
What little cuties! I shared on Facebook and Pinterest.
Yes Lydia, they are available for adoption!!
Oh my goodness, they are the cutest little things ever. Those blue eyes! This summer we rescued two kittens who just randomly showed up on our property. I found them in the chicken coop! There's no way I can turn an animal away, but we're at a point now where we can't have anymore. It's hard, because I want to save them all.
Thank you so much for the help which you give these cats. It is so heart-breaking that people refuse to neuter their pets and allow helpless offspring to suffer. I will donate. x
jinxxxygirl said…
I swear Buttercup on the left is smiling at me! I will share on my blog.....Hugs! deb
I just tweeted and pray that that helps :(
Bulldoggrrl said…
Sent a little your way. God bless you Joan. Glenda from Kansas
Knatolee said…
Bless you for helping them!!
Dearest Joan,
Have posted about it on my
Wish you would put this on your FB so we could share it from there.
Wishing this trio and all others good luck. It would be super if on World Animal Day, October 4th a little miracle would happen for at least a few furry friends!
Sandra said…
Oh, I truly hope you can find homes for them: they are so cute and tiny, they can fit in just one home :)

You have a good heart, JOan. And we know we can't save them all, but that doesn't mean our hearts don't hurt for those we cannot save.
Dearest Joan,
Of course I did share your FB Page plea. Let me put the link here for others to find it easier:
Let's hope more people will respond with donations and eventually an adoption. It has worked out before and will work out again if we only team together!
May World Animal Day 2013 be a day for reflecting the need to start spaying and neutering pets...
Hugs to you and Rebecca!
Barbara said…
Oh my gosh, they are adorable! I'll spread the word! Keep the faith!
Annuk said…
Oh my Goodness, Joan... they are SOOOO adorable!!!!! Thank you and Rebecca for saving these little innocent babies! And thank God for making Rebecca find them... I can't even think about what could have happened with these days' torrential downpours.
I'm going to share, of course!
Praying for you and these precious babies to find a loving home very soon!!!!!
Lots of love and hugs to you, my sweetest Joan!
Your friend Anna
Annuk said…
I also wish to add that I really feel for you and Rebecca about all the heartache and agony you have to go through... I know that feeling so well, it really tests our humanity and it's sheer heartbreaking. Those poor babies ALL deserve loving homes and a quality life.
My warmest hugs to you!!!!!!
Anna E said…
I hope and pray there will be a home for this trio somewhere in the world. It cannot be that there isn´t!?! They have made themselves known for a reason, and I hope the right person or family hears and sees them, before it´s "too late". Who - if they have the space and possibility to house these furry lives - could say no thank you...imagine the warmth and blessing and life they will bring to anyone who becomes their caretakers. It can become a friendship for the rest of life, for as long as they live. Blessings to you for your humanity - have of course shared this on facebook. xox Anna E.
Anonymous said…
I will Tweet and share on FB. And Mom Linda is donating some green papers. Your work in Greece is so harsh...I do know from Animal Couriers, who work with one or two GReek rescues, how devastating the economy has been for cats and dogs. They are being dumped like rubbish right and left. Your work there is not for the faint of heart. Just remember, you cannot save them all...but the few you can save are worth every effort you make. Savannah and Mom Linda
Crafting Queen said…
Only just seen this post. Oh what a group of cuties, only wish I could give them a home. Hope they find forever homes real soon. Lots of hugs and purrs.
I just found you guys from Cat Blogosphere... Will send some funds when I have some to spare... In a similar but smaller situation here in the U.S. midwest with out a no kill shelter... the kitties just come to me for help.

For example. Saved four kittens out in the heat at 4 weeks old. Found all four homes... took in a feral momma cat who had 7 kittens, but 3 died from the stress of labor. three of them have new homes. still have one of her kitties. And more need homes.

Purrz, Katie Kat.
BTW - I love Sandy Red Tabbies! Purring for these sweeties and all your critters... Got you on my blogs linkie list Katie Kat.
I am catching up with you,have been lurking,not commenting,I myself am up to 8 cats now,I would have had more however I was able to find homes for 3.It is hard to turn little ones away when they are God`s little angels & we are able to just give a little love to them to help them survive.God bless you for all you do,phyllis
Our photos said…
Lovely cats photos!
Greetings, RW & SK
I'm way behind on reading blogs due to work schedule. These babies are adorable (but then all kitties are!).

Thank you so much for rescuing them.
Knatolee said…
And a little over a year after I left my first comment, this story is coming full circle! :)

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