Pidge on the mend

Here's dear Pidge - he returned home three days ago (after one week at the vet). 
I've been a bit tentative writing about his recovery as he's been in a real bad state. He is a very lucky boy to be back home. The image above is Pidge just quietly getting his bearings again back home... When he arrived home he was greeted by his siblings Callie and Kit - and mommy cat Cleo. 

Here's a snapshot from today - Pidge on the mend and among his other "brothers" (Pidge is far left). Here he is in the company of (right to left) Pesto, Edison and Felix. The boys are enjoying the balmy sunny rays of sunshine on a covered terrace - the stones in the wall actually retains the warmth, so it's one of their favourite places in winter time. 

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and encouraging words and for keeping Pidge in your thoughts. And THANK YOU to those of you who donated towards Pidge's vet bill. Your support has been so incredibly warming. We feel so very blessed to have your kind support.


Deb said…
So good to read he is doing well. Give him a hug for me Joan. Deb
Jane and Chris said…
That IS good news. Let's hope he keeps on improving.
Jane x
We are so encouraged. But we understand your feelings. We will continue to pray for Pidge and his recovery.

Reena said…
Hope he continues on the road of recovery.
Dearest Joan,
So glad to see Pidge back home and hope he's pulling through.
What a lovely place for napping and dreaming for those kitties!
Unknown said…
Found you at cat chat, saw the picture of Pidge, noticed the stone 'πλακες'and thought 'they look familiar' First of all let me add my good wishes for this beautiful blue (that's what I call them) cat. I will send you a picture of Foxy later.

Corfu has been cold and wet, and with 17 cats refusing to go out..........

We have similar experiences - people learn where they can dump their kitten, but they don't know (nor do I want them to learn) how quickly the little orphans can occupy a human heart. In three years my family grew from 6 to 17, but only Foxy was born at the Hovel.

I have not been blogging for a while, but will try to visit you now and then. Να σ'εισαι καλα. Bob
Crafting Queen said…
Such good news. What a lovely photo of them enjoying the sunshine. Sending lots of hugs and purrs. Skipper and Mummy.
Glad to read that Pidge is doing better. What a great little fighter. Love the photo of him and his brothers relaxing.
You do a great job, carry on.
Kind regards
Sandra said…
So glad he pulled through! Yes, he is a lucky boy and I hope he can fully enjoy the sunshine :)
Knatolee said…
So great to see him at home! May his recovery be swift and steady. :) Give him a kiss from me.
Barbara said…
I'm so glad he's home and doing better! Looks like a great place to continue healing.
MarkD60 said…
At first glance, I saw "Piglet".
I hope Piglet feels better!
Catherine said…
Those kitties warming themselves in the sunshine warms the heart. So sweet!
xo Catherine
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