Times are changing

Times are changing and I've come to a bit of a crossroad with my little Greek cat sanctuary in many ways.
Last year I had to leave it in the hands of my trusted helper to follow my husband to the States and it was a difficult and very big decision for me to leave behind my beloved cats. As winter approached needy cats kept appearing and with the efforts of my helper we rescued another 8 cats - leaving this sanctuary now at an absolute stretching point. Our kind and otherwise cat friendly farmer neighbors got a bit  twitchy and we knew we had to start thinking about getting some of our cats adopted. This has never been an easy issue. Not just because we love all our cats but most of all because offers of adoptions are very hard to come by.
We wish for a safe and loving life for all of our cats and we would LOVE for some of our cats to find that special forever home somewhere in Europe. Well, as you can imagine, each country has it's issues with an overpopulation of cats and most would chose to adopt from inside their own country. This practically makes it a MONUMENTAL task trying to get some of our cats adopted but I have hope - I have to proceed with hope and belief - because things needs to ease and change around here.
My trusted helper has decided her time is up here and she now feel it's time to move on with another career path. She has invested herself hugely in this project and both the cats and I will miss her solely. But - life has to evolve and the time has come for some of our tame and most emotionally dependent cats to find a new home. With 40+ cats, we can no longer provide what the emotionally attached cats need and I dream of a new home and future prospect for them.

My first girl of concern is little miss Skipper. Well, she's actually not that little, but she will always be little viewed with my eyes. You might remember the story of her - a starving, loving and super affectionate 12-13 week old kitten discarded by the dumpster. In a way Skipper needed so much more attention right from the start than what I could really offer her because I had so many other young and needy cats at that point, but Skipper settled in nicely because she was always very independent and happy to just putter around and mind her own business even though she has always adored attention. I was delighted when Skipper received a bit of extra attention from a special friend in England  - Skipper's namesake and her mummy. Ever so often we would receive a lovely parcel with treats and blankets and kind words - Skipper#1 and Anesha - thank you so much. You have always been such special and much needed friends to Skipper.

Things eased a bit for Skipper when Rebecca, my helper, came to live with us. But alas, when Rebecca took on caring for some of the new kittens over the winter, it was really the tipping point for Skipper. Skipper took to sleeping elsewhere and that pretty much meant somewhere in nature. Skipper would sometimes return for food absolutely drenched from the rain - and this still being the case really saddens me. I have just spent 3 weeks in my sanctuary and took this lovely series of photos of Skipper - and gave her some much needed attention. We had a mix of weather - a few lovely days mixed with some atrocious weather - but I made sure to keep Skipper indoors. Now at least the dry season is approaching and I'm hoping for less rainy days.
I want so much for Skipper. She is an absolute stunning girl who will roll over and reveal her most precious white belly for you. She will keep you company for gardening, puttering or any other daily activity whilst chatting away. She chats a lot and has a very cheery disposition.
So I am sincerely asking for your help in finding Skipper the safe and loving home she deserves. Will you please share this post via Facebook and get in touch with all your cat loving friends in Europe. We will provide microchip and rabies vaccination for Skipper and we will somehow find a way for her transport.
We have heard of lucky success stories of other Greek cats finding a loving home and we just somehow feel that THIS TIME AROUND it's time for LUCK to find it's way to one of our cats.
Skipper is a young girl of just about 1 1/2 years and she is fit as a fiddle.
Care to help via all your social media? You might just be the person who will change life for Skipper and give this little cat sanctuary a much needed BREAKTHROUGH.
Thank you dear friends!
Any questions, please feel free to drop me a line: joanbowell@yahoo.com


Marilia said…
Beautiful and charming times are coming!
Enjoy your Spring!
I'm sharin'. Skipper is a very beautiful kitty.

Marg said…
We sure hope you can find a home for Skipper. It is so hard to do to find homes for them all. She is really pretty.
Annuk said…
My dear Joan... Skipper, and all your wonderful, precious little rescues deserve the best in life!!! I'm sharing, of course! And I hope that a way will be found to make this the start for the adoption campaign I'm dreaming of for your island too!!!
Much love xxxx
just shared throughout my networks!
Barbara said…
I can only imagine how difficult and stressful and heartbreaking this has to be for you. I pray Skipper finds a home, as well as the others who you need to be adopted. Bless you and those who have helped you give these cats a second chance and a wonderful home. xoxo
Dear Joan,
I pray that skipper will find a good home soon. Its hard that Rebecca will leave you and the cats. Really difficult situation.
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
Dearest Joan,
Keeping my fingers crossed for this sweet Skipper girl!
Did post it on my social media.
Kitties Blue said…
Skipper, you are a beauty, and we wish the best for you. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
Louisette said…
Wonderfull fotos and cats

greeting from Belgium

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