I don't know what took me so long...

For such a long time I've dreamt of assembling all the images of my entire Greek kitty crew (all 44 of them!) and making them available for 'virtual adoption'. Well, I've finally done it! - and f or 10 or $12,50 you can help with the upkeep of one cat which will cover the costs of food, worm and flea treatment and yearly vaccination. All of my cats, apart from two tiny new crew members, are all neutered so this will not be necessary to take into consideration.
Recently a quartet of kittens were discarded by the dumpster where I have been feeding a small colony for the last 4 years - and I don't know if people just discard them by the day now - but this little colony keeps growing as well. This means that I currently use more than 120 kg of kibble per month and lots of canned food too, which along with providing the cats with worm and flea treatment, vaccinations and the occasional large veterinary bill has become impossible for me to cover from personal funds. With your help I can keep up the good work and even, hopefully, begin to build some small shelters in the garden (something I've also been dreaming about for a long time for my outdoor crew).
For the moment I have made an album on Flickr where you can pop over and have a look at the cats available for 'virtual adoption'. You can see the entire crew in my Flickr photo-stream, whilst the album entitled "Available for virtual adoption" will only have the images of the cats left for adoption. For easements sake I will update and remove the image of each cat virtually adopted. Snowy (in the image above) is one of the cats still looking for a 'virtual adoptive parent'.
The way this works is that you visit the Flickr album and leave me a comment here with your cat of choice (or send me an email to joanbowell@yahoo.com) send the monthly amount 10 or $12,50  (or several months in one go) via my Paypal account: saints@mail.dk  - and I will send a regular update of you chosen cat.
I am currently updating my blog (not done yet!)  - I will put an album here with the images of all my Greek cats and a separate page with my art. As most of you know, I sell my art to raise funds for the cats, now I will provide you with updates - right here - whenever there's new art for sale. Stay tuned, new art will soon be available!
Much is happening  around here and if you don't follow the stories on Facebook, I have two new crew members (more about them soon, I promise) - two tiny kittens that were physically discarded (just two weeks old)  in the dumpster.
I'm delighted to announce that already 14 of my kitty crew members have been virtually adopted - thank you SO much dear friends!!


Crafting Queen said…
Glad to hear the virtual adoption is going well, hope they all get adopted. Hugs Anesha and Skipper #1
MarkD60 said…
I love the photo!
I would like to adopt a pet, but with our 5 cats and 2 dogs, I cannot afford it.
But I wish you luck and look forward to future updates.
Marg said…
That all sounds like such a good idea to get them virtually adopted. Hope it works for you. Take care.
Wonderful!! Sponsor a kitty!!
Tweeted and shared on Cody's fan page....I am sponsoring a cat somewhere and as soon as things get better for us financially I will try and sponsor one of yours too
Dear Joan,
what a sweet idea with the virtual adoption. Now I feed 4 cats and can imagine what it means to feed 44. Whow! I wish you good health and much luck with the kitties.
Hags and greetings, Johanna
Dearest Joan,
Wow that is good news!
Sending you love & hugs,
angie said…
soooo süß!!! danke für die bilder und inspirationen, liebe grüße und ein schönes wochenende von angie aus deutschland
Viola said…
Lovely cat! Wishing you and the cats all the best for the New Year! :)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful!! honda
Ash Green said…
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Thanks for the info.
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