Distributing love equally

Just wanted to answer a question which has appeared in the comment box several times recently. Is there as chance of some of these rescued cats being adopted?

The answer unfortunately is no. In this country cats are considered rodents and a story of a cat with all the comforts of a loving home (like being allowed indoor) is very hard to come by.  When moving here I knew the cat situation would confront me because I come from a country (Denmark) where the cat shelters alone would seem like a top-notch-1st-class-hotel to any Greek cat. As a matter of fact - a homeless cat is extremetly rare in my home country. 

At the moment there's new kittens sat at every dumpster and it's heartbreaking. So of course I do what I can but with an ever growing number (it's reached 26 or 27 with recent cats appearing from the hillsides) it poses a bit of a contradiction. Most of them crave love and affection - and there's only so much one person (with the loving support of my DH) can do. Luckily, many of the rescues (formerly unknown to each other) strikes up friendships and finds a snuggle-buddy, offering each other comfort and warmth. For the moment I try to focus on the many new kittens (I will get to all the stories eventually) making sure they have a bit of extra love and attention - many of them having been abandoned at a way too early age.

Here's just a few images of Lilly (you might remember how sad she looked). She's had lots of TLC and loves darting around in the garden with her many new friends.  

There's nothing I love better than giving each of these little lives a bit of special attention - but soon I'll have to develop octopus arms!


Catherine said…
It's hard to imagine so many homeless kittens and cats running around. I am glad we don't see as much of it here in small-town Canada. But just knowing that you are doing your best and helping as many kitties as you can ~ that's all you can do!

Sending you big hugs,
xo Catherine
Draffin Bears said…
Hi Joan,

How sad that the little kitties are not able to be adopted into loving homes.
You are doing a wonderful thing rescuing and caring for the cats. Miss Lilly is so sweet, love the pink nose and ears and she does look very content.

Happy week
Cornelia said…
It is more than wonderful that you help them.
They live a new life with you and in your big heart.
And your heart is very big and very brave doing the impossible in a society that has no eye for the beauty and glory of cats.
Marg said…
Oh I know that feeling of not being able to adopt them out. That is why I have so darn many of them. People around here just don't want cat that might be a little bit feral. Lilly sure looks a lot better now all due to your good care. Take care
Becca said…
It just breaks my heart to think of all those kitties out there that won't have a chance for a good home. But, you have made a difference in their little lives and that means so much. Lilly looks so happy and content. Now, with our 3rd cat my heart still goes out to the ones that didn't get adopted. Everytime we go to the petstore to buy food I see those little faces and want them all!
Dear Joan,
Lilly looks so sweet as every loved child do. I can see the difference. She found her peace and love at your home. What a luck, she found you.
Hugs, Johanna
Barbara said…
I'm sure you wish you could do more, but oh my gosh, just seeing the difference you make in the few whose lives you touch is heartwarming. That last photo is adorable!!
Deb said…
I always wonder why cats are treated like rodents. I have heard this before in other areas. Were they never considered 'domestic'? How are dogs treated? I would be just like you, Joan and I understand when it all gets to you. I have 2 beatiful kittens here that need a loving home and I am having a hard time finding someone who wants to commit to them. There are just too many out there. Thanks for doing what you do, Joan. You are a dear person. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
I want to win the lottery, fly to Greece, buy a home and a building and HELP YOU! That would be a dream come true! I would purchase acres and acres and we could have our own cat sanctuary.

Lily is thriving! Your "angel work" again xoxoxo
K. said…
Hello again Joan! Congratulations for your work with the kittens. I was taking care to a few kittens newborn babies, they already are 5 weeks old! I will give them in adoption. Fondness!
Dearest Joan,

How can the Greek people be so indifferent? A feline is a very special, smart, affectionate and even mysterious creature. The Egyptians had them balmed and took them with the owners (they did break their backs...) to be mummified too.
This is very bad news, on top of the financial crisis that is telling us they lack discipline and responsibility big time.
What a blessing at least for the fortunate few that are under your loving care. But indeed, you cannot stretch your budget and keep on pouring out love to ALL of them... Can't we educate the people?
A big hug to you and lots of love,

Crafting Queen said…
Thank you for sharing this photo of Lilly, she is looking so well.
Anna E said…
Oooh, she´s SO lovely and delicate and fine, she looks like she is in paradise (which no doubt she is by your hands! :-)) It´s so hard to percieve why there is not a natural affection between the people in Greece and those soft, sensitive creatures called cats. Who can resist their soft fur and making them want to glow and blossom by a little nurturing and care?
Lovely images, little peaces of art :-) <3
MarkD60 said…
It's hard to imagine a society where cats are considered rodents. These people are clueless. Fuel for my "people are idiots" fire
sunshine said…
All you do for those animals is amazing, I wish I can help you do more, but keep up the good work. BTW, I have an idea that I want to talk to you about, will contact u via email.
505whimsygirl said…
In looking back at the first post about Lilly it's amazing that she is still alive, let alone thriving and looking gorgeous.

Is there something I (we) can do to help you and the cats?

I imagine with the economy in Greece right now there may be more cats that end up on their own.
Reena said…
Just catching up from being away .. it must be incredibly difficult to see so much pain and suffering with these kittens and cats. It would tear my heart out and I know you are doing as much as you can humanly do. I wish there were more that could be done. Just thankful you are doing more than your share!
Oh Joan
we had no idea that is the consensus of cats in Greece. That is so sad. But we are glad those cats have you as their guardian. They are the blessed ones...
Anna E said…
PS These images would be lovely as postcards, I would definitely buy the first (upper) picture of Lilly! :-))(and probably all of them, she is such a darling)
Julia Williams said…
I don't think I could live there, knowing that cats are not treasured as the beautiful souls they are. It's kind of sad (and hard to fathom) that this thinking still exists anywhere. Seems rather uncivilized to me. In any event, the kitties who find you are the lucky ones. They know love and comfort from a caring soul.

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