No resting on the laurels


Just as things are beginning to settle and Rosie and Rufus have adapted to life just brilliantly - and I'm thinking that maybe I can now begin to get to other things (it is very time consuming bringing in a new kitty member), well then I go do this silly thing as to go out and about with my camera near a deserted hillside where there's a building site. At quite a distance away (I must have a bats sonar when it comes to kittens, lol) I hear this all too familiar sound of a kitten crying out; "Can someone please come rescue me?" So naturally, up the hillside I go in search of the sound and eventually find this scared little girl up a tall metal pole on the building site. She had jumped down on it from a high up place in an attempt to get down to the ground, but it was still too far down from the pole and she was in the predicament that it was too far for her to jump back up. After I'd rescued her off the pole and put her on the ground she just stood looking up at me - purring - and as if with this look in her sad little eyes; "Shall we go home then?" (luckily I think she'd heard the rumour in the local area!!). So I of course said; "Yes, lets go home."

As with most of the cats it's unknown what her story is. She is very playful and like cuddles so maybe she has been left behind by holiday-passers-by who has now left and has left her behind. She for sure was both hungry and thirsty - I took her straight to the vet afterwards and he laughed because her little belly was so full. Apart from having skin fungus (which can be bad enough - it's terribly contagious) she is fit and well and has now settled well to being in isolation (a room of her own) for a week until she has recovered enough from the fungus and can be introduced to her new friends. Her name is Lilly.


Anesha said…
How lovely to meet Lilly. She looks like a lovely little soul. Hope her fungus clears up real quick. Hugs Anesha
Johanna said…
Hi Joan,
oh my, another little soul you have rescued. Lilly is lovely and she is a calico cat which means here, she brings luck to you. But first you brought luck for her and I hope she will be as thankful as cats are. Hope the fungus will leave her and she can have fun with Rufus and Rosie. That will be a rambunctious fun in your house with all the playing kitties. Wish you and the littles a very good time.
Best greetings, Johanna
sunshine said…
Lilly is adorable, I am so happy you found each other! So, how many cats do you now have?

We have 6 and just a couple of days ago spayed the last one Al, she is a gorgeous white girl with a black and brown tail, unfortunately she also has "ringworm" (which is also a skin fungus and contagious), but we cannot do anything for her cause she is very feral and won't let us even touch her... I was considering getting some gloves and try to apply a cream on her... Hopefully the other kitties won't catch it!

Have a great day!!!
ABBY said…
Well hello there Lily aren't you just the cutest baby??!! We are so glad that you knew exactly when to meow out and have GLP hear you. YOu knew your luck had changed didn't you? Now you will be safe and happy and well cared for. Blessings to you all.
o how adorable- she looks like a tiny skinny cousin of my Tilda- she is sure to be a lovely little girl.Well done Joan and congratulations on acquiring an adorable new member of your family !
MarkD60 said…
Kute Kitty
I held and petted one of ours today! First Time!
Deb said…
I hope Lilly knows how lucky she is. Yes Joan, I think you must face the fact that you are here to rescue lost souls. Just give in, girl. There's no turning back for a heart like yours. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
Anna E said…
As my oldest daughter said, when I told her you had rescued another kitten: "How many cats are there actually on the island, it sounds like there are more cats than people!?!" :-)
Lilly is absolutely adorable. I´m amazed by the shades of green and grey in the eyes, and I thought it was time (på tide) you had a white cat in the family, so I guess that´s why she called you ;-) Hope she´ll feel welcome when she gets introduced to her new family, no doubt she will <3
Catherine said…
Oh she is a sweet one! Oh that little face! could you resist taking this wee girl home. Nope, you had to do it. You have a big heart friend!

xo Catherine
505whimsygirl said…
Oh Lilly. What an adorable looking girl you are. Just love purring kitties!!!
Cornelia said…
Knowing something about an animal, like knowing her/his features, is one thing and one level only, while being in live contact with one and being in connection with that which causes their and our lives to be here attracts and influences many realms in us and involves other levels in us than 'the known'. This communication or contact and connection cannot be explained and described, no,not fully - and we may better accept it. Because there are crisp new and unknown feelings who cannot be written or photographed even when we try. And I realize that each life that you save is valuable beyond what can be consciously perceived because you save them and your stories constantly go beyond what can be expressed and convey feelings and sentiments who carry the essence of your experiences with them.

When there is a need somewhere there must exist a response to this need. And you were there and heard 'her call'. You responded and Lilly's need 'knew' about you, it is this need of her coming home with you meeting her future fate. Animals have no expectations, they have needs. And you embraced her need making possible for her life to continue in caring and loving circumstances. A certain unity of true need and real purpose come together to give space to a certain quality of saving. This emanates tenderly from your words and your pictures of Lilly.

Each time you save one of God's Little People it is fresh, new, unexpected and very special. Our Planet, out home, needs an urgent change, a new approach to this sacred space we inhabit to avert disaster now and in the future. There is the saving of God's Little People from lack of respect and care, from terrible pains and death and there is this SPECIAL QUALITY OF SAVING/BEING who shines from your experiences. I realise how very important it is that this special quality og saving/being with God's Little People gets added to, enriched and enhanced and powered up (and in) and strong with tenderness and love and much care for it is so needed. I am grateful for feeling awe inspired and have new feelings and thoughts and grateful to catch the way of being with the realm between true purpose and real need from you.
Julia Williams said…
Aww...sweet little Lilly. She is a little rough around the edges but I have no doubt that will change soon!
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

What a story! Indeed, those little faces seem to ask: 'Are we going home now?'...
Lilly is very cute and LUCKY!
Love to you,

missing moments said…
Well hello Lilly .. you are one lucky girl!

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