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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"A blog with substance" award


I was  deligthed to find a message about a "Blog of substance award" in my inbox today. Of substance... yes, I was truly pleased. Something of substance is exactly what I ultimately would love to convey. I believe you have a responsibility when you engage people minds. I mean, isn't it a good question what you want to fill peoples heads with? Anyhow...

There's a few rules which comes with the award and they are as follows:

1. To thank the blogger who gave you the award...
Mariasol, gracias!! You make my heart smile on a daily basis. I know you love animals but I also believe you have a heart of gold, and that makes you deserving of the substance award!

2. To sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words...
My words relate to  what I believe we should - as naturally as breathing - extend towards animals:  Humanity  Empathy  Awareness  Responsibility  Trust

3. And now to pass it on to some other deserving blogs... (in random order.)

Well, I would have to mention a lovely modern day sheperdess and photographer over at Yes and Amen. I felt an instant affinity the first time I saw one of her photos of a lamb. I thought there would have to be a very fine and gentle soul behind this photo and indeed there was. On her Flickr page you will find the words: "Here is just a random sampling of the wild and beautiful things I have seen through His lens and experienced in my walk with Him. Photography is simply chasing His light... It is my life, and I love it." Thank you Junelle, for sharing the light you find on your way. It's awesome!

And Kat for her lovely sentimented Ark for God - encouraging Acts of Random Kindness. I love the idea so much. I brings about so much hope and just imagine all the good feeling these acts spreads. I can only imagine all the goodness in your heart to write such a blog. 

And lastly (because I don't have more time now) but the great spirited cat soldier Marg over at Margs Animals. I have an incurable soft spot for cats and love this lady SO much for doing all she does to home and rehome cats.

There you have it... and yes, the lovely image is by Junelle at Yes and Amen. 
P.S. I so badly want to plant a kiss between the eyes on that little head :-)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Esthetics and animals...


I've got a huge thing for esthetics and I love anyone able to capture animals with a sense of refinement, finesse and sensitivity. I believe that all the many "little people" we're surrounded by are all an expression of the soul-life of the planet and it's clear when a sense of awe and respect moves through the lense. What a skill. I mean, how do you capture the soul of something?? It's gotta be something about it being in the eye of the beholder (the photographer) and what they're able to connect to in that moment.

I've recently come to discover a lot of hugely talented photographers and I'm in awe of what it is in them that sees and captures the beauty.

Image © Svetik Rasti

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My lovely friends in the bloggersphere...

Image © Such life in the tropics

When I started this blog I had NO idea of all the lovely people I would come to know via the blogging world. Sometimes you get a lovely little comment correspondance on the go, and sometimes you get this incredibble kindness where someone sends you something that relates to your blog. It's happened a few times now and I can't express how touched I am by these sweet gestures.

A little while back I posted a comment over at Such life in the tropics about how much I would love to swim with a sea turtle, and just the other day I received this lovely decorated envelope containing a fine art print of a mermaid diving with a sea turtle! How sweet is that?!!

Image © Yes and Amen

Then another time I left a comment over at Yes and Amen after she wrote a post about a hummingbird nest in her garden. I am in awe of hummingbird nests... I think they're like something straight out of a fairy book and I would love to see one for real. I've heard they're made from down, lichen and spiderweb - how amazing is that? Well, a few days ago I received a box with a gorgeous set of cards from her marvellous photo collection. I've written a post about them before and you should seriously pop over to her Etsy shop and have a look. The images are just irresistable. And then I found a little box of baking cups?? Well, I thougth it was sweet because I actually really love baking. BUT... what did I find well protected inside the little box of baking cups? A hummingbird nest!!! A real itsy bitsy hummingbird nest. My goodness... I cannot believe how teensy it is. And it truly IS a fairy creation. You can see bits of cotton down and tiny snippets of spiderweb holding it together. It's magical... I'm having a hard time figuring just how tiny the eggs must be.

To both of you I can't express how moved I am at your sweet thoughtfulness and I'm so delighted to have met you in the bloggersphere.

I'm without my proper camera for the moment, so instead of sharing an image of these fine treasures I'm sharing a favorite pic from each blog.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Concentration challenge...


A little preoccupied with studies currently, but will be back with more posts soon. Stay tuned!

P.S. Yes, there are "people" that can steal away your concentration whilst studying!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Knowledge about the hearts of animals


I encourge you to pop over to Yes and Amen and have a read of a great story from everyday life. It's sure to add a bit of uplift and joy to your weekend. Loved it!!

Image © Junelle Jacobsen

What pockets are for...


 A young and beautiful Elizabeth Taylor found via  (rare photos of famous people). 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trying to build a nest


Maybe you've seen some of those spectacular documentaries about the last unexplored places on the planet? Watched one myself the other day, about underground caves... quite awe inspiring what's underneath us. It showed one of those amazing underground caves in Borneo, where the caves are full of swiftlet (isn't that a lovely word?) nests. 


I thought it was so amazing to hear that the nest are made entirely from the swiftlets saliva and that it takes this little bird about 30-35 hours to build it. And then what happens? It goes on to describe humans "harvesting" these nests, because apparently the swiftlets will just build a new each time one disappears. Apparently these nests are quite a delicacy in China and  are used to make soup. Traditionally it is said that they have all kinds of  (for the human) health benefits (even though recent studies show that actually they don't have any particular nutritious value). Therefore entire nest factories are build to make these tiny birds keep producing nests, yes, just for humans to harvest them.

It prompted the thought just how callous humans become in their hunt for profit. 

What I see is a beautiful little creature of God, trying to live its life in peace and quiet,  building a nest to try and have its version of a family life with off spring. Just try and think how much of its lifespan this little bird spends creating such a nest.

I don't know... sometimes I just become a little overwhelmed by humans sense of greed.

Images © via &

Friday, September 3, 2010

One big happy family

So here's a little feel-good video for your weekend - this lady makes me so happy, and she's the living proof that a divorce can lead to something positive. What an exellent use of a house with a big plot of land. Check out how happy this "household" is. I would fit right in!

Read more about Lynea Lattanzio's wonderful work on Cat House on the Kings.

And what a great chap who actually took the time to shoot this little video.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cool & The Gang


I've been collecting images for a long time and love it when I can draw one out of the archive to fit a story, a quote or something else great for a new post. Well, this one has acutally been lying around for a long time - could never quite seem to find something to write about to do justice to the wonderful sense of mischief or cute trouble these guys seems to epitomise. But today I came across a post over at Such life in the tropics - and it seems as if they could be taken straight out of the great doggie adventure she's highlighting today. Great news for doggies just like these!!

Unfortunately I can't remember where I found this image, so I can't attribute any image copyright. Therefore I just filed it under the name Cool & The Gang. I believe Cool is the little poodle and The Gang must be the rest - what do you think? :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One brave bull

Indian Gaur bull 

Indian Gaur cow

Maybe you saw the news footage a few weeks ago, of a Spanish bull running rampant during a Spanish bull fight? You actually saw the bull gather speed and then charge up into the crowd  - and amazingly jumping the bull ring fence! It almost gave me goosebumps. Animals really DO seem to be displaying some out of the ordinary level of intelligence in recent times. I swear, it's as if there were some intelligence in this bull wanting to get back at those humans seeming to be happily "entertained" by watching this bull being  poked and tormented. My thougths went something like this; "At last, a bull that speaks up for itself." 

The footage I saw didn't show what happened with the bull afterwards, so I did a little research and was majorly disappointed to discover that this brave bull was killed after being removed from the scene. The only redeeming point in this story is that this bull won't ever again have to put up with humans' evil sense of pleasure of being socalled entertained.

Apparently quite a few people were injured, one of them a 10 year old child. I felt sad on behalf of the child and furious on behalf of the adults having brought a child along to such an event. Why not let the child wait until it is old enough to decide for itself whether it wants to be an observer of cruelty to animals. I don't even wan't to think what kind of mentality this would instill in a child towards animals.

Above, I'm happy to share some images of, well not Spanish bulls (it's just too sad), but some splendid images of an Indian Gaur bull and cow - in their NATURAL habitat. Nothing could be more beautiful.

These images are by Thomas and Shilpy - an amazing Indian couple, both wildlife photographers. You can find more of their wonderful wildlife photography over at Walk The Wilderness.