My Greek kitty crew

Sunday, February 1, 2015

It all started here...

Some evening back in early September of last year I was greeted by these little faces. It was the usual story of someone haven discarded them. Them were all completely tame. Unfortunately (at that point after four years of Greek cat rescue) with 40+ cats I simply didn't have the capacity to rescue these little guys off the street. I have lost count of how many kittens and young cats I've witnessed dying here. Either being run over, dying from a flu or respiratory infections, poisoning or otherwise vanishing into thin air. And no... believe me, people don't just pick kittens or cats off from the street here. No one wants to know of them! So this was not an easy situation for me. During the last couple of years I've actually learnt to cut off emotionally from new cats and especially kittens arriving here (those with a feral cat mamma). When you've had your fair share of being directly involved in the misery of seeing them die you have to cut off for the sake of self preservation. It has honestly left me so brokenhearted so many times. 

But... with these four I simply couldn't cut off. They were tame and so sweet. So once again I found myself caught up in praying and hoping each day for their safety and that they would all turn up each day when I came to feed them among the other cats living by the dumpster. Because I've witnessed so many young cats die here I knew I had to make an effort to try and get them all vaccinated... that would at least give them some chance of survival. So I raised the funds via donations and many kindhearted people chipped in to ensure they could have their double vaccinations and be treated for parasites. 

After four months of them living by the dumpster and surviving a very unusual Greek spell of a snowstorm and a windchill of down to -20 °C (I believe that's -4 F, they survived the cold by seeking shelter in these polystyrene boxes which I set up for them) I knew it was time to have them all spayed and neutered to avoid the misery of three girls having litters of kittens and the boy getting himself badly wounded because of fights (the stray males inflicts horrible wounds to each other). So once again, with the amazing kindness of some wonderful people, I collected the funds to have them all fixed. But I knew I had the biggest hurdle ahead of me. After them recovering with me at home - how was I going to be able to release them back in the field by the dumpster!?? In the image below, that's them recovering with me at home after them being spayed/neutered. 

After four months surviving on the street and in the wild they were as sweet and tame as it comes. It's tough accepting any cat having to make it in the wild on their own, but it's a different thing when you have four tame young cats that someone once lovingly cared for when they were small kittens and then discarded them when they thought they were old enough to fend for themselves! 

Well, I was amazingly lucky. My dear friend Natalie, who recently adopted the three ginger girls (discarded by the exact same dumpster exactly one year earlier!) reached out to me and the four cats. She offered to foster them and help find new homes for them in Canada! We talked about helping each other posting about raising funds for them to be able to have their rabies shots, microchips, passports, transport boxes and their flight fare. Knowing the costs from before, we knew we would have to raise 1,500 euros or $1,700. BUT... Natalie's offer of helping didn't stop there. Her and her husband wowed to match each donated dollar with $1. An absolutely outstanding offer of generosity!! Right now a BIG fundraising is underway for these four and so far we've collected it the range of $570. We still have some way to go (and I would love for Natalie and her husband not to have to chip in - they've done so much already, and just read her blog and see the beautiful life they provide, not just for cats, but other rescue animals too) so I am asking if you would like to donate towards these four being able to start a new life in loving homes in Canada instead of being released back to a life by the dumpster. Any donation - big and small - will help these four make it to a new life in loving homes. Donations can be send to my Paypal account: 
You can also use the DONATE button on the right side of my blog. Please make sure to tick the donation as a gift - that way we avoid any fee!

We are also looking for their forever loving homes (after they have been fostered by Natalie) so if you live in Canada or the US and would like to either adopt or help find them loving homes, please contact Natalie by email: or me

Here they are...

Girl: Annuk
Playful, sweet and inquisitive.

Boy: Archie
Playful, confident and cheeky 

Girl: Aggie (also named Luna by her kind sponsor)
Playful, smiling personality and cheeky 

Girl: Ambie (Amber)
Quiet, shy but gorgeous personality
She needs someone who will have patience with her. 
She is playful but needs a lot of reassurance. 

It would be a wonderful help if you would please help share their story. Thank you dear friends!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I don't know what took me so long...

For such a long time I've dreamt of assembling all the images of my entire Greek kitty crew (all 44 of them!) and making them available for 'virtual adoption'. Well, I've finally done it! - and f or 10 or $12,50 you can help with the upkeep of one cat which will cover the costs of food, worm and flea treatment and yearly vaccination. All of my cats, apart from two tiny new crew members, are all neutered so this will not be necessary to take into consideration.
Recently a quartet of kittens were discarded by the dumpster where I have been feeding a small colony for the last 4 years - and I don't know if people just discard them by the day now - but this little colony keeps growing as well. This means that I currently use more than 120 kg of kibble per month and lots of canned food too, which along with providing the cats with worm and flea treatment, vaccinations and the occasional large veterinary bill has become impossible for me to cover from personal funds. With your help I can keep up the good work and even, hopefully, begin to build some small shelters in the garden (something I've also been dreaming about for a long time for my outdoor crew).
For the moment I have made an album on Flickr where you can pop over and have a look at the cats available for 'virtual adoption'. You can see the entire crew in my Flickr photo-stream, whilst the album entitled "Available for virtual adoption" will only have the images of the cats left for adoption. For easements sake I will update and remove the image of each cat virtually adopted. Snowy (in the image above) is one of the cats still looking for a 'virtual adoptive parent'.
The way this works is that you visit the Flickr album and leave me a comment here with your cat of choice (or send me an email to send the monthly amount 10 or $12,50  (or several months in one go) via my Paypal account:  - and I will send a regular update of you chosen cat.
I am currently updating my blog (not done yet!)  - I will put an album here with the images of all my Greek cats and a separate page with my art. As most of you know, I sell my art to raise funds for the cats, now I will provide you with updates - right here - whenever there's new art for sale. Stay tuned, new art will soon be available!
Much is happening  around here and if you don't follow the stories on Facebook, I have two new crew members (more about them soon, I promise) - two tiny kittens that were physically discarded (just two weeks old)  in the dumpster.
I'm delighted to announce that already 14 of my kitty crew members have been virtually adopted - thank you SO much dear friends!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Take three...

Four months has passed by since my last blog post - and I can't really believe this post is about the same subject matter as the last - and the one before that! But, here I am once again with a heartfelt request for a safe and loving forever home for the young ginger girly trio. A some point there was the hope and promise of them finding homes in Germany (a fosterer stepped forward) but for unknown reasons the communication came to a stop - and I deliberately left the process for a while and let the girls enjoy their summer. But, they now share the same small space as they've always had with many other cats (this summer I've had to move the cats into a smaller space) and to be honest - it's like their loveliness just drowns among the crowd and they aren't especially happy to be sharing their space with all the other cats. Also it's impossible for me to give them the quality attention they once had with my former helper living with them... and they just simply deserve better - and it's distressing for me that I can't do more and better for them.

They are incredibly harmonious and... I wish the word wasn't so used, but they're just so lovely. They still have a thick bond between them, but Honey has grown to be quite an independent little lady in spite of being the smallest of the three. She was the first ever to just walk up to one of the bigger cats - with a confident stride!

She boldly goes into new territory and loves exploring. I have always thought they belonged together but if any of them has the potential for individual adoption, it would be Honey. She loves her sisters dearly but she has always been happy to go exploring on her own whilst Buttercup and Daisy tend to do it together. Also Buttercup and Daisy still snuggle and groom together... with Honey it's more of a rarity.

But... to fully understand Honey and to be a good forever parent for Honey, you need to understand that she has two faces... or two sides if you like. Whilst she has the stride and confidence of a cat three times her size (she only weighs 2,6 kg or just under 5 pounds and this is now her fully grown size, so she is physically quite small) and whilst she likes to portray her confident 'jungle queen self' - she also has a very great need for cuddles and for being carried around and being snuggled tightly. She loves bedtime and will happily keep you company all night long. Honey is very social and should not be left to herself for longer periods of time. She relies on company and is quite confident in the company of strangers (humans that is). But in spite of her bold demeanor, she also has a very little side to herself - her other self should just be called Baby! Her coloring is a little different to her two sisters - Honey is a 'cream ginger'.

And then there's her sister Buttercup...

Buttercup is a cute chatterer and she will tell you sweet fairy stories all the time if you will but listen... Oh, she has so many stories to tell. And she likes to jump 'out of the blue' and play 'gotcha'!! with her soft padded paws.

She has the sweetest coy nature and very beautiful drawings...

- and she is oh so dainty. She prettifies any place she chooses to place herself!

And last but not least... darling Daisy.

 Daisy is sweet, mild and tender...

- playful and mellow. She is very affectionate and a real leg-rubber.

Daisy and Buttercup are quite similar by nature and temperament - Daisy can also be sweetly vocal with her voice. There's not a mean bone in any of the three, but Daisy is especially gentle. She has a very gentle face.

Here it's Daisy and Buttercup on one of their little explorations together. Looks like Daisy found something in the earth that didn't quite taste as expected!

I estimate they are born around the 1st of September 2013 as they were found discarded a dumpster during the last week of September last year. Just about 3 weeks old.

All three are now prepped for international adoption - each have rabies vaccination and microchip. Now we just wait for someone who would like to offer them a lasting and very loving home. If you are interested, can help or otherwise, please leave a comment here or drop me a line at

I'm very interested in anyone who knows something about prices of cats travelling both as cargo and in the cabin internationally. I would very much like to store up some knowledge of the different countries and their requirements. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP - IN ANY WAY!!!


Monday, April 28, 2014

Still waiting...

This blog post is to facilitate the adoption of Buttercup, Daisy and Honey (Honeysuckle).
Most of you know the story... they were rescued after being discarded by a dumpster just 3 weeks old. My helper took them on and they thrived on love and they have grown just beautiful. My helper has now decided to move on in life and unfortunately weren't able to take the girls with her. They are now left behind in the apartment and they are urgently... URGENTLY looking for a loving safe forever home.
I do consider myself their current guardian but I cannot offer them a permanent home as I have an ever increasing problem with neighbors bemoaning cat visits in their gardens. I never wanted a situation where I would get unstuck with local Greek people and I'm desperate to get things on a balanced footing again. I have five stunning girls looking for a home but if I can first of all find a forever home for these 3 girls - then I really feel I will have made a great breakthrough.
They are just around 8 months old and have just been spayed. They are in the final stages of their "kitten-hood" so they are still the cutest giddy little things. They are most loving and depend on cuddles and affection. They have been reared on the best quality food and have their vaccinations in place. Honey also has a travel passport, microchip and rabies vaccination (a failed attempt to get her to England). I will provide the other two girls with passports, microchip and rabies vaccination. Let us talk about the logistics of how to get them abroad if you can offer them a home. 
They have relied on each other for comfort and warmth since they were discarded at such a tender age and they now act in the same manner with each other, snuggling tightly each night when I tuck them to bed.
I do try to spend quality time with them each day and have had no other choice than to introduce them to the garden so satisfy their bursting energy levels and sweet curiosity. It may look perfect - BUT let me once again reiterate - letting them in the garden and adding them to my already 40 cats is causing a great strain on an already tense situation. SO PLEASE... do help spread the word once again if you are able.
They are each others mainstay in life so it would be very perfect if they can find a home together but as I know this is wishful thinking I would also love to hear from anyone interested in them individually. You can drop me a line here:
Here's a few images to introduce you further to these glorious young girls...
This is Buttercup... A little careful and shy outdoors but she charges around and loves her toys indoors. She is known for her love of lounging in the cat tray! (yes, much to the amusement of the person cleaning the cat tray!!). She has amazing drawings in her fur coat.

And this is Daisy... Daisy appears like the more timid but she is actually pretty fearless outdoors. She happily explores the outdoors and is otherwise sweet, playful, gorgeous and affectionate. She appears like the most 'sensible' of the three. She has a very gentle look on her darling face and who can resist that brown line on her left front paw. I love it!

And this is little Honey (Honeysuckle). She is just a little smaller than Buttercup and Daisy and acts like the cheeky little sister! She is the most affectionate of the three and will let you know when it's time for cuddles. She walks up to other cats with a stride and she is very confident. Honey is silly and giddy and will not sit still for long. It's impossible to get a good shot of her face because she is an action girl - but she is also charm itself in a little pretty fur coat!! She has similar drawings to Buttercup but she is the 'café-latte' colored version.

And here's the girls together. This first image is Honey and Buttercup...

Their stunning fur coats...

And a big smile from Daisy!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A happy beginning...

It was blissful happiness all over when these cutie pies were rescued back in October 2013. You probably remember their miserable start to life - they were discarded by the dumpster just 3 weeks old. But sadness turned to delight when Rebecca agreed to take them on and they were rescued just in time. The day after they were rescued we had a torrential rainfall that lasted for 24 hours and  it literally washed things away. They would not have survived abandoned in nature during this rainfall.
But they were brought to safety and have thrived on love and affection and they have now grown into the most stunning ginger girls. Unfortunately some of their luck is running out as Rebecca will be leaving in 12 days (and unfortunately can't take them with her).
When she leaves I will take charge again for a while but my Greek home is full to the brim already and I have no choice but to let these beauties roam free among our other Greek cats. They will no longer have their own home and 'their own special person' so to speak. They are extremely affectionate and very much rely on love and cuddles - so unfortunately, as it happens, some of this will fade when they don't any longer live with a person to look after them. We are therefore desperately looking for an adoptive home or homes for them. I will be there to feed them and have some contact with them, but it will no longer be the same life for them with 'their person' gone.

As some of you know, I have already posted on Facebook about their adoption. They are approx. 8 months old and they have had their vaccinations. Honeysuckle (the 'café-latte' colored kitty to the right in this image above) also has her rabies vaccination and microchip so she is ready to go anywhere in the world. The other two, Buttercup and Daisy will also be prepared for travel and it's preferred that the these two stay together as they very much rely on each other for comfort. If anyone can offer a home to the 3 girls together, all the better.
I know I have already asked you to share many times, but if you will please once again share for the sake of these girls, I would be most grateful. I have compiled all their photos on Flickr - please have a look HERE.
P.s. Skipper from my last post is still looking for a home.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Times are changing

Times are changing and I've come to a bit of a crossroad with my little Greek cat sanctuary in many ways.
Last year I had to leave it in the hands of my trusted helper to follow my husband to the States and it was a difficult and very big decision for me to leave behind my beloved cats. As winter approached needy cats kept appearing and with the efforts of my helper we rescued another 8 cats - leaving this sanctuary now at an absolute stretching point. Our kind and otherwise cat friendly farmer neighbors got a bit  twitchy and we knew we had to start thinking about getting some of our cats adopted. This has never been an easy issue. Not just because we love all our cats but most of all because offers of adoptions are very hard to come by.
We wish for a safe and loving life for all of our cats and we would LOVE for some of our cats to find that special forever home somewhere in Europe. Well, as you can imagine, each country has it's issues with an overpopulation of cats and most would chose to adopt from inside their own country. This practically makes it a MONUMENTAL task trying to get some of our cats adopted but I have hope - I have to proceed with hope and belief - because things needs to ease and change around here.
My trusted helper has decided her time is up here and she now feel it's time to move on with another career path. She has invested herself hugely in this project and both the cats and I will miss her solely. But - life has to evolve and the time has come for some of our tame and most emotionally dependent cats to find a new home. With 40+ cats, we can no longer provide what the emotionally attached cats need and I dream of a new home and future prospect for them.

My first girl of concern is little miss Skipper. Well, she's actually not that little, but she will always be little viewed with my eyes. You might remember the story of her - a starving, loving and super affectionate 12-13 week old kitten discarded by the dumpster. In a way Skipper needed so much more attention right from the start than what I could really offer her because I had so many other young and needy cats at that point, but Skipper settled in nicely because she was always very independent and happy to just putter around and mind her own business even though she has always adored attention. I was delighted when Skipper received a bit of extra attention from a special friend in England  - Skipper's namesake and her mummy. Ever so often we would receive a lovely parcel with treats and blankets and kind words - Skipper#1 and Anesha - thank you so much. You have always been such special and much needed friends to Skipper.

Things eased a bit for Skipper when Rebecca, my helper, came to live with us. But alas, when Rebecca took on caring for some of the new kittens over the winter, it was really the tipping point for Skipper. Skipper took to sleeping elsewhere and that pretty much meant somewhere in nature. Skipper would sometimes return for food absolutely drenched from the rain - and this still being the case really saddens me. I have just spent 3 weeks in my sanctuary and took this lovely series of photos of Skipper - and gave her some much needed attention. We had a mix of weather - a few lovely days mixed with some atrocious weather - but I made sure to keep Skipper indoors. Now at least the dry season is approaching and I'm hoping for less rainy days.
I want so much for Skipper. She is an absolute stunning girl who will roll over and reveal her most precious white belly for you. She will keep you company for gardening, puttering or any other daily activity whilst chatting away. She chats a lot and has a very cheery disposition.
So I am sincerely asking for your help in finding Skipper the safe and loving home she deserves. Will you please share this post via Facebook and get in touch with all your cat loving friends in Europe. We will provide microchip and rabies vaccination for Skipper and we will somehow find a way for her transport.
We have heard of lucky success stories of other Greek cats finding a loving home and we just somehow feel that THIS TIME AROUND it's time for LUCK to find it's way to one of our cats.
Skipper is a young girl of just about 1 1/2 years and she is fit as a fiddle.
Care to help via all your social media? You might just be the person who will change life for Skipper and give this little cat sanctuary a much needed BREAKTHROUGH.
Thank you dear friends!
Any questions, please feel free to drop me a line:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pidge on the mend

Here's dear Pidge - he returned home three days ago (after one week at the vet). 
I've been a bit tentative writing about his recovery as he's been in a real bad state. He is a very lucky boy to be back home. The image above is Pidge just quietly getting his bearings again back home... When he arrived home he was greeted by his siblings Callie and Kit - and mommy cat Cleo. 

Here's a snapshot from today - Pidge on the mend and among his other "brothers" (Pidge is far left). Here he is in the company of (right to left) Pesto, Edison and Felix. The boys are enjoying the balmy sunny rays of sunshine on a covered terrace - the stones in the wall actually retains the warmth, so it's one of their favourite places in winter time. 

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and encouraging words and for keeping Pidge in your thoughts. And THANK YOU to those of you who donated towards Pidge's vet bill. Your support has been so incredibly warming. We feel so very blessed to have your kind support.

Friday, January 31, 2014

The little obscure lives

Many of you (those of you who's also on Facebok) will know by now that we have been faced with a real struggle recently. The number of cats having gathered around our place (not cats we have rescued or brought back - but cats that have just found their way to our garden) have just become overwhelming. Our farmer neighbours on either side have been very friendly about the cats but with the increasing number it has become an issue because the cats go to their always freshly dug gardens (the farmers tend their gardens several days a week) and as you might know, cats find fresh earth too inviting to not "participate' - as if someone just dug the earth for them to go do "natures calling." 

I'm not happy with the situation... around 30 cats seems to be the number that has been the limit of what we could handle. But as always, being on a small island with a very large and out of control cat population - we are faced with all the hungry and pleading cats and kittens that are born into this dire situation. And time and time again we are faced with are faced with the "left-overs" from holiday goers that take on a cat or a kitten for a while - and back home they go with absolutely no consciousness whatsoever. This happened to us during the late summer. Some people up the street left us a tame cat which came with "perks" - three little kittens! I insisted that we try to just keep our distance - feeding the cat mum, so she wouldn't struggle trying to keep her kittens fed and well, but not interacting with her and the kittens. But of course they eventually realised that there were both food and kind people to be found in our garden, so eventually they found no reason to leave. I have been absent, at least in physical form, for a good while now so Rebecca has been the one who has been interacting with this new family on a day to day basis. I know I couldn't take them on, so for me they have been what I call the obscure lives. I know they are there - and I feel for them, I do - but I know I can't stretch myself and the situation more and I therefore have to cut off emotionally. 

And yet, who wouldn't get involved if they fed these guys on a day to day basis? Who wouldn't also want the best for them? Just like we do for all the cats. But it's been a real struggle to stay afloat with food, medicines, neutering and so on (it's now 42 cats and still feeding 8-10 dumpster cats away from home) - and keeping the good balance at base. Here's the new crew in the image above - when they were just starting to get used to where they could find food everyday. Much to the dismay of the other cats - so they were tucked away in a corner at first whenever they had their meals. 

But of course they settled in... and you get smitten with each little kitty face. Even for me - trying to keep my distance... I get captured by the beauty in each cat and the want of each little cat to have a good life.

But... Food is no all that will keep a little cat going. Vaccinations are vital for their good health and protection - and this is where we simply can not keep up. A good number of our cats are vaccinated but frankly, trying to cover all this from personal funds alone is back breaking. No one asked us to do it - and we do it because it's what we want to do - but it gets upsetting when you can't do more. 

And sadly, one of these little guys has been struck by the Parvo virus this week. Pidge, this grey boy, was brought to the vet 5 days ago and has been struggling for his life ever since. He is on fluids, intravenous antibiotics and electrolytes - and using whatever strength he has to fight. He was neutered just 10 days prior to this and cried his lungs out to come home so we know this is not an easy situation for him - or for us.

We will be faced with a considerable vet bill for his treatment and we would therefore be SO grateful if anyone is able to donate - big or small - towards his care. You can as always use the orange Donate button just to the right of this post. Please drop me a line if you are having difficulties with Paypal - I'd be very happy to help ( Please remember to tick it as a gift, this way we avoid fees. 

The last image I have of Pidge is him with his brother Kit (the black and white boy). They'd jumped on one of the garden tables where they were basking in the sun and snuggled in the most endearing "love pretzel." And his pretty sister Callie adorning one of the garden walls. 

This is a testing time for us whilst we wait each day for an update on Pidge and hope all remains stable and sound at base. Will you please keep us in your prayers and thoughts - and help donate towards Pidge's treatment if you are able. 

I would be so grateful to anyone who would share his story. I've posted a link on Facebook.

Thank you so so much. ♥