My Greek kitty crew

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank you!

Just like last year I asked an Etsy seller and complete stranger back in November if she would like to donate towards my kitty cause in the shape of donating a gift to thank my vet for his kindness and tireless efforts with helping not only our cats but Greek all Greek cats and animals in general. As you can imagine we have huge expenses each month to look after the 50 cats in our care (including the dumpster cats we feed). So being urgent to put each cent and penny towards the care of the cats - to have someone donate a gift to our vet is utterly encouraging and so invaluable. 

So I send a HUGE thank you to artist Barbara Esposito and owner of Little Island Company in California. She responded to my request within 10 minutes and promptly sent this cute onesie. This year my Greek vet had the good fortune of getting married and is now expecting his first baby with his wife. So I simply couldn't resist these quirky kitty faces and that simple message "I like cats" (last year he had a t-shirt with the message "Real men loves cats"). 

I am feel so grateful that Barbara had trust in me and sent us this gift with no hesitation - and most importantly, she helped us thank our vet. He btw was busy during the Christmas days trying to save the lives of cats and dogs that had been poisoned in one of our local areas. 

Barbara, thank you for your trust and kindness. A happy and prosperous New Year to you and your little company. You can see more of the cute goods from Little Island Company here:   
The top image is our vet doing a selfie with the onesie :-)

AND to you my dear dear friends... You have been so kind to us this year. Thank you for your love, for your support, for your kind and encouraging words and not least your wonderful donations. You help us continue the work with the cats. For us it's now time for a bit of a think-tank to see how we might do more for the all feral cats of the islands. As you know we have long reached our physical limit with the cats but that doesn't mean that we don't feel the plea on behalf of all the other cats. We are itching to bring each kitty home and if we knew we could get them all adopted, we would bring them home in an instant. Anyhow.  See you in this space next year and until then...

FORTUNATUS (Latin meaning: blessed, prosperous, lucky, fortunate)
Original for sale in my Etsy shop

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

To sum it up...

Rebecca and I are just a couple of girls silly in love with cats. I'm so grateful to have found a helper as silly smitten as myself...

We love the work we do in this little "orphanage love factory" and we never never tire of what we do.

But then oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) has that ability to keep you going.

How can you not be smitten??

You get a very special level of bonding with rescue cats... they have their ways of letting you know that they know you rescued them. This is Biscuit and yours truly. Yes, they do silly (fills you with smiles) things to your face!! Just look at Rebecca's face too. We're smitten girls and we're happy to admit it :-)

Yes, the above image is Biscuit (if you remember this little sad looking boy) just moments after I'd rescued him off the streets.

He's an impressive looking boy today. Unfortunately it was too late to save his right eye (image above is mirrored) but he is a giddy silly love muffin.

Would you please spare a moment and help me thank Rebecca in the comment box. It has been absolutely invaluable to us that she has come into our lives. She has a tiny human frame but she has a HUGE loving and compassionate heart. We've shared very sad moments this year (Rebecca suffered a big heartache over a kitten we simply couldn't save) but we have also shared so many moments of miraculous healing, uplift, love, light and pure joy.

And to you dear blogger friends; 
Merry Christmas to you and all your furry family members. 
Thank you for caring and making this world a better place for all animals alike.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

There's a candle in your heart waiting to be kindled...

A last batch of cards for 2013 with a selection of my favorite images from this year.
With the last sale two of the cards sold out instantly and many of you asked for it. Well, here's your chance again and this time they will be available through my Etsy shop for easements sake. It costs a little more - $5,50 - because we pay a listing fee, but I hope you understand that each precious cent goes entirely towards the cats. There's no added shipping fee whether you buy one or more. This time the cards will ship from America. Each card comes in a cello sleeve and as always will be lovingly wrapped and shipped.

And this time I chose the above quote by Rumi. When we rescue a lonely little stray or orphaned soul I believe it's a beautiful process of removing hopelessness and despair - something that I have seen too often in the eyes of a little cat. And the rescue is mutual... We light a candle in a little heart and they do in our hearts. We fill a void in a little soul and they fill ours. And we certainly feel it. We rescue them and they rescue us right back!

So here's your choice of five images all together...

You will have met all the characters during earlier posts.

And the bitty Buttercup...

The cards naturally come without the watermarks and is the same beautiful quality as ever. 
Pop over to my Etsy shop for more details. You can also follow the Etsy link on the right side of this page.

Thank you!