My Greek kitty crew

Monday, April 28, 2014

Still waiting...

This blog post is to facilitate the adoption of Buttercup, Daisy and Honey (Honeysuckle).
Most of you know the story... they were rescued after being discarded by a dumpster just 3 weeks old. My helper took them on and they thrived on love and they have grown just beautiful. My helper has now decided to move on in life and unfortunately weren't able to take the girls with her. They are now left behind in the apartment and they are urgently... URGENTLY looking for a loving safe forever home.
I do consider myself their current guardian but I cannot offer them a permanent home as I have an ever increasing problem with neighbors bemoaning cat visits in their gardens. I never wanted a situation where I would get unstuck with local Greek people and I'm desperate to get things on a balanced footing again. I have five stunning girls looking for a home but if I can first of all find a forever home for these 3 girls - then I really feel I will have made a great breakthrough.
They are just around 8 months old and have just been spayed. They are in the final stages of their "kitten-hood" so they are still the cutest giddy little things. They are most loving and depend on cuddles and affection. They have been reared on the best quality food and have their vaccinations in place. Honey also has a travel passport, microchip and rabies vaccination (a failed attempt to get her to England). I will provide the other two girls with passports, microchip and rabies vaccination. Let us talk about the logistics of how to get them abroad if you can offer them a home. 
They have relied on each other for comfort and warmth since they were discarded at such a tender age and they now act in the same manner with each other, snuggling tightly each night when I tuck them to bed.
I do try to spend quality time with them each day and have had no other choice than to introduce them to the garden so satisfy their bursting energy levels and sweet curiosity. It may look perfect - BUT let me once again reiterate - letting them in the garden and adding them to my already 40 cats is causing a great strain on an already tense situation. SO PLEASE... do help spread the word once again if you are able.
They are each others mainstay in life so it would be very perfect if they can find a home together but as I know this is wishful thinking I would also love to hear from anyone interested in them individually. You can drop me a line here:
Here's a few images to introduce you further to these glorious young girls...
This is Buttercup... A little careful and shy outdoors but she charges around and loves her toys indoors. She is known for her love of lounging in the cat tray! (yes, much to the amusement of the person cleaning the cat tray!!). She has amazing drawings in her fur coat.

And this is Daisy... Daisy appears like the more timid but she is actually pretty fearless outdoors. She happily explores the outdoors and is otherwise sweet, playful, gorgeous and affectionate. She appears like the most 'sensible' of the three. She has a very gentle look on her darling face and who can resist that brown line on her left front paw. I love it!

And this is little Honey (Honeysuckle). She is just a little smaller than Buttercup and Daisy and acts like the cheeky little sister! She is the most affectionate of the three and will let you know when it's time for cuddles. She walks up to other cats with a stride and she is very confident. Honey is silly and giddy and will not sit still for long. It's impossible to get a good shot of her face because she is an action girl - but she is also charm itself in a little pretty fur coat!! She has similar drawings to Buttercup but she is the 'café-latte' colored version.

And here's the girls together. This first image is Honey and Buttercup...

Their stunning fur coats...

And a big smile from Daisy!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A happy beginning...

It was blissful happiness all over when these cutie pies were rescued back in October 2013. You probably remember their miserable start to life - they were discarded by the dumpster just 3 weeks old. But sadness turned to delight when Rebecca agreed to take them on and they were rescued just in time. The day after they were rescued we had a torrential rainfall that lasted for 24 hours and  it literally washed things away. They would not have survived abandoned in nature during this rainfall.
But they were brought to safety and have thrived on love and affection and they have now grown into the most stunning ginger girls. Unfortunately some of their luck is running out as Rebecca will be leaving in 12 days (and unfortunately can't take them with her).
When she leaves I will take charge again for a while but my Greek home is full to the brim already and I have no choice but to let these beauties roam free among our other Greek cats. They will no longer have their own home and 'their own special person' so to speak. They are extremely affectionate and very much rely on love and cuddles - so unfortunately, as it happens, some of this will fade when they don't any longer live with a person to look after them. We are therefore desperately looking for an adoptive home or homes for them. I will be there to feed them and have some contact with them, but it will no longer be the same life for them with 'their person' gone.

As some of you know, I have already posted on Facebook about their adoption. They are approx. 8 months old and they have had their vaccinations. Honeysuckle (the 'café-latte' colored kitty to the right in this image above) also has her rabies vaccination and microchip so she is ready to go anywhere in the world. The other two, Buttercup and Daisy will also be prepared for travel and it's preferred that the these two stay together as they very much rely on each other for comfort. If anyone can offer a home to the 3 girls together, all the better.
I know I have already asked you to share many times, but if you will please once again share for the sake of these girls, I would be most grateful. I have compiled all their photos on Flickr - please have a look HERE.
P.s. Skipper from my last post is still looking for a home.