My Greek kitty crew

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gracie is having a ball...

Remember the story of Gracie - the blind cat. It's taken forever to get Gracie used to being indoors, especially with the door closed. But recently Gracie decided that it was safe so she spent some days just getting the outlay of the room inside the front door and now she has practically moved in. She is now so much as ease that she actually plays. Just watch her having a ball (with a bell ball)!! She went for the sound and felt her way to the ball whenever she was close to the sound - and I swear she was giggling...

Tired out... time for a nap!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring flowers and kind friends

Okay, so he has been the centre of attention all week but when you've been to the vet twice in the same week - and been under full anaesthesia, well then a bit (bundles and bundles) of undivided attention goes along way to a quick healing!

Today I went for a walk with my camera to try and catch a few of the pretty spring flowers we've got around at the moment and Benji made it perfectly clear that there were no spring flower prettier than him!!

It's been a busy week with Benji and a lot of injured paws (bite wounds to treat), eye infections and dermatitis (sometimes it just all comes in one go) but it's also been a lovely week because there has been a great sense of support from YOU dear friends. Thank you for placing bids on the auction, buying my art, writing a sweet comment, liking our new Facebook page and your kind emails... it's just so unbelievably lovely to feel all your  lovely support. For those of you on Facebook we would love it if you want to give a "like"to Saints & Apostles - the name of my creative label (you can read more about the name on Facebook - not as holy as it sounds!). I feature all my creative work there, and as you know by now, all the proceeds goes towards the care of the cats. The "like" button is just to the right on this page (as is the link to my Etsy shop). 

This week I received an email from a dear friend in the US asking if there's anything we need for the cats. And I thought to share it here... our little wish list. And it's simple really. Worm tablets (Milbemax, because they don't taste like something the cats won't eat) and flea treatment (Frontline). Because each cat really ought to have the treatment each month it  very quickly becomes too overwhelming for us financially (everything is covered entirely from our private funds). We have a minimum expense each month of $550 (does not include giving all cats flea and worm treatment). It covers a basic quality food, an ongoing supply of antibiotics and ointments - and a few superficial vet treatments. 

On a bigger scale we would love to have fancy cat beds, a store of toys and treats and not least proper shelters for our outdoor cats... but we get by with cardboard boxes and an increasing number of fleece blankets. We get a new fleece blanket free each time we've saved x number of points in our supermarket, but we're always short on laundry days. But overall the cats are happy. We might not be running an aesthetically fancy cat haven but it is overflowing with love, healing and compassion. And it obviously goes a lot further than aesthetics. Anyhow... if anyone would like to contribute with any items, please drop me an email (my email address can be found under my profile) and I'll send you our postal address. 

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nobody likes the dentist

Two days ago Benji finally had his teeth fixed. He was not amused going to the vet twice in one week!! He was lucky though to only have one tooth pulled out - the rest was just cleaned. But this visit to the "dentist" apparently spared him having them all pulled out in a year from now! This can all be traced back to Benji's first five months of living. He was a young dumpster cat living off whatever he could find in the dumpster and some cereal cat food someone left from time to time (cereal food for a cat will not make a healthy cat). 

I first noticed Benji around Christmas 2010. Shortly after we'd moved to Greece. I hadn't yet embraced this (seemingly) destined part of my journey but he was pulling my heart strings something terrible. He was just a kitten but looking older because he had to fight the bigger cats. He was very shy but when I quietly approached him he gave in and purred like mad and became super affectionate. 

This is not the usual dumpster where I feed cats and I had to travel in another direction to see Benji. The green dumpster you can see here is actually placed on the road - and this is where he lived. Under the dumpster. Well, the rest is history. You're probably familiar with his rescue story by now. Otherwise you can read it here. One awfully rainy day I happened to walk past and he sat terribly ill and with bite wounds everywhere... There was obviously a reason for why I happened to walk past this day. I could see he wasn't gonna survive this life anymore so my mind was instantly made up. Off to the vet to have his flu and bite wounds treated. 

Today I can't believe this gentle giant started his life like that. He is without a doubt the most gentle of all 35 cats and he is so kind to kittens or apprehensive kitties. He is super popular with all cats here and everyone loves to snuggle up with him because he always willingly gives a major clean to whoever happens to be wrapped up in his kind paws. 

He deserves the best treatment. So for now Benji is just snuggled up on the sofa for a few days whilst he quietly recovers from a stress-full week 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feisty Rosie vs. naughty boy

I took this little photo sequence of Rosie sleeping because Rosie doesn't just sleep when she sleeps... for her it's a sleep fest!! A peaceful celebration of warmth, softness, comfort, fuzziness, contentment, a full tummy... something that altogether reminds me so much of going to sleep as a child with a smile on my lip. Rosie just simply rolls over in the most amazingly chilled poses and once in a while she half wakes up and quietly plays with the fairies playing around her paws (yes, there must be some - I swear she giggles when she plays with her paws!). 

Well, maybe there's two sides to Rosie (or she just defends her private life like a true warrior) but she becomes very feisty when she is outdoor. If someone is in her way she will just walk up close and buckle her head a la "You want a piece of me?!?" and "I'll give you a chance to think about it again!" Most cats wisely trots off. 

But as I mentioned in my last post, we have a handful of males on heat around at the moment and they don't budge. But neither does Rosie. That unfortunately landed Rosie in a major fight over the weekend. I heard and stopped the ferocious fight Saturday night, but couldn't see which cats it involved. But I assume a very large male which has been an absolute pest around here recently. He fights everyone - boys and girls alike. Rosie normally comes in at night, but Rebecca found her Sunday morning in a box where she wouldn't normally sleep. When she hadn't moved by Saturday afternoon Rebecca gathered something was up and had me come check on her. Rosie actually couldn't move! I had to pull her out of the box to see what was up and she was in great pain, chock and seemed as if she couldn't walk on her hind leg. When I picked her up to carry her indoor she screamed in pain. But I managed to put her in a quiet place where she slept for the rest of day. Monday morning we were immediately off to the vet. I honestly worried Rosie had broken some bones. But to my great relief she'd "only" suffered a large hematoma on the inside of one hind leg and a big infected bite wound on the other. Rosie slept through the second day as well and only began to regain a bit of appetite after she had some painkiller. It was evident that the shock had been very overwhelming for her. Maybe it will have taught Rosie to just be a little bit more careful in trying to tackle each and everyone. This is a fight she surely could have done without. 

But Rosie is now gently back on her legs again, still resting a lot but the inevitable antibiotic treatment has helped her a great deal already.

We're more keen than ever to get all the boys fixed to stop the inevitable fighting, which brings me to the news that I have now listed my original water-color miniature paintings in my Etsy shop. As it is with all my artwork, ALL proceeds goes towards the care of the cats. So I invite you for a visit to have a peak HERE - and possibly share the news if you have any art interested friends. My art dolls will be listed tomorrow evening. 

Also remember we still have a little auction on the go.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's going down in our little Greek valley...

Benji is being a jolly good sport playing up the eucalyptus tree in spite of having a bad toothache. He's lost weight and it was only a few day ago that I discovered that he'd actually almost stopped eating his kibble. I thought he had a bad stomach virus but yesterday I discovered the reason why. He's got a rotten tooth! He's going in for dental treatment on Monday.

Tiny little Cookie (or at least she was just a moment ago in my mind!!) was neutered a few weeks ago...

So was our beautiful Skipper - just look at her darling naked little belly. She's taken to eating thistles as in this image. They're seriously prickly to human hands but there must be something in its juice that's good for her tummy. She just ate the top of this thistle you can see in the front of the image... She doesn't like the prickly feeling in her paws but her tongue doesn't mind!?!! 

Spring time is moving in on us and pretty spring flowers are beginning to appear everywhere. Alongside the spring feeling in the air is a lot of free flowing kitty hormones and the accompanying noise! We live in a little valley where there's a remarkable echo so the sound travels undisrupted...  just imagine the joys!! (ahem ahem...). We are trying to gather our pennies to have our last three boys fixed but this time around the girls had to be our priority. 

Biscuit is our youngest and littlest boy - we hope it will be a while before he gets intoxicated by the girls. He is still my little baby and for now he just loves his mum!

Faces of the many little friends you haven't even been introduced to are enjoying life here and making the ever growing weeds in the garden looking so much prettier... this tortie girl is named Brownie and is the only cat that was actually born here, whilst we've been living  here. 

Her kitty mum Lucky (Lucky because she contracted and survived the deadly virus we had last year) was scheduled for neutering the day after Easter last year, but to my very great surprise, she taught me the lesson that a cat can be very pregnant even without you being able to notice!

Ninja - my very first Greek rescue (alongside Tiny) is always up for some wild games in the garden with his many new friends. He is very good natured and big-brotherly and I love the special connection I have with him and Tiny. It's where it all began really.

Reed is a beautiful grey and white girl who came down from the mountains and settled here more than 1 1/2 years ago. She was a feral and extremely skinny back then (hence the name) and she now suffers a chronic respiratory condition due to an untreated infection when she was younger. She has a good life here (putting all the younger cats in their place) but depends on regular steroid/antibiotic shots to keep her respiratory condition under control. She has great breathing difficulties but leads a quiet and beautiful life here. Sometimes she gets carried away and romp with the younger guys... then she needs to sit down and catch her breath afterwards. Her favourite thing is to find a quiet spot when its sunny, where she can roll over and get her lungs warmed up. 

Snowy has found a good balance in life. If you remember, he has also got a chronic respiratory condition with some damage to his lungs (just like Reed, but they struggle in different ways). He spent five months last year where he pretty much sat in isolation. Any play time would work him up in a way that would set him off in a bad way and I even had to limit his access to toys. It was a very difficult and worrying time. But it appears Snowy's lung capacity has grown with him growing (as the vet told us he possibly might) and he's also got a good quality of life where he can now be out and about playing with his many friends. He is cheeky and charming (and naughty!) and takes everyone by storm. He is a VERY beautiful cat. He relies on daily antibiotics. 

I'm trying to get my act together to get all my latest art listed in my Etsy shop - ALL proceeds as always going towards the cats.

Becky being charmed by Rufus - he's got a way with the ladies! Becky and I have already had many adventures together... as an example rescuing the life of a cat that was being killed by guard dogs. Becky heroically jumped the fence and together we maneuvered the cat to safety. We work very compatibly - no words needing to be spoken. This comes in very handy when you're trying to rescue a cat. We work very much on the principles of love, healing, stillness, compassion, understanding... qualities that make both cats and humans prosper.

Another little creative sneak peek... "Ethel the Pirates Daughter." A little creation made from olive twigs, fabric remnants and vintage bits. She is part of little collection of five "Twiglets" - each comes with their own story and 'certificate of authenticity'. They will also be listed in my Etsy shop next week.  I will write a little post here when they're listed. 

Finally a little reminder of the auction we've got on the go (see last post) with items kindly donated by our sweet friend Anna from Annuk Creations. She also made this adorable collage - thanks so much Anna. I was very moved and overwhelmed seeing so many of my darling rescues gathered in one little spot.

So there you have it... a little update from the life of our 35 rescues.