To sum it up...

Rebecca and I are just a couple of girls silly in love with cats. I'm so grateful to have found a helper as silly smitten as myself...

We love the work we do in this little "orphanage love factory" and we never never tire of what we do.

But then oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) has that ability to keep you going.

How can you not be smitten??

You get a very special level of bonding with rescue cats... they have their ways of letting you know that they know you rescued them. This is Biscuit and yours truly. Yes, they do silly (fills you with smiles) things to your face!! Just look at Rebecca's face too. We're smitten girls and we're happy to admit it :-)

Yes, the above image is Biscuit (if you remember this little sad looking boy) just moments after I'd rescued him off the streets.

He's an impressive looking boy today. Unfortunately it was too late to save his right eye (image above is mirrored) but he is a giddy silly love muffin.

Would you please spare a moment and help me thank Rebecca in the comment box. It has been absolutely invaluable to us that she has come into our lives. She has a tiny human frame but she has a HUGE loving and compassionate heart. We've shared very sad moments this year (Rebecca suffered a big heartache over a kitten we simply couldn't save) but we have also shared so many moments of miraculous healing, uplift, love, light and pure joy.

And to you dear blogger friends; 
Merry Christmas to you and all your furry family members. 
Thank you for caring and making this world a better place for all animals alike.


Deb said…
What beautiful uplifting photos. You do such amazing work, both of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. I wish you the most wonderful Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year. I look forward to reading your posts in 2014. Hugs, Deb

Reena Walkling said…
I am so grateful that Rebecca has come to help you fulfill a huge service to all those kitties that need your help. Thank you Rebecca. And thank YOU for the amazing work and love you give these creatures! Have a warm and merry Christmas, Joan.
Love and Care result in happiness. Appreciate your efforts.

Wish you and your family a very happy Christmas ! ! !
The pure light that shines from you both is what illuminates this world - thank you, thank you
Thank you Rebecca for joining with Joan to help save and nurture those little furry souls. You are both the patron Saint to those in your care.

Merry Christmas to you both
Maine Kitties said…
God Bless both of you for all the care you give to these kitties!! Keep the miracles coming... They are needed in our world more than ever!!!
Flynn said…
Such beautiful photos full of love. Thank you Rebecca and Joan for all you do for these precious little kitties.
Merry Christmas to both of you.
Sandra said…
Meowy Christmas to You and dear Rebecca. You girls are just the kind I like most in the whole wide world: kitten angels. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU BOTH DO!

Merry Christmas to both of you! The work you do is very important, and I'm sure even when it is sometimes heartbreaking, boys like Bisquit do wight that up. You've done an incredible job with him and he sure shows his gratitude in his way. I've got all my animals always from animal shelters, but our cat Noah just walked one time into our garden and stayed. We were looking for his previous owners but couldn't find them. Nobody seemed to miss him, so we just gave him a home. His shy to everyone except to us.
I hope you and Rebecca will forever go on with what you are doing. It's so important. Because as long as people think animals have no feelings, animals have to feel that people don't think. So let's care for them.
Have a merry Christmas with all your beloved once.
xxx Alex
Annuk said…
My dear Joan,
THANK YOU for this WONDERFUL, heartwarming, uplifting post!!! This is the most beautiful gift right on Christmas day! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the warmth, peace and love in this post... and I love you and Rebecca! You are absolutely wonderful, and being a girl "silly in love" with cats too, I feel right among my people! :)

THANK YOU dear Joan, and a VERY special thank you goes to the sweet soul belonging to Rebecca!!!!!! And my most special thanks to God for people like you girls! I do hope to meet you girls on Syros in 2014!

Wishing you lots of love, joy, peace and health, and to all the fur babies too!
With much love,
Anna & Zoe
Dearest Joan & Rebecca,
Two loving ANGELS and goodness is not related to size!
What a photos and yes, with our Smokey boy whom we tried to save and nourish back to health for 14 months, we know what it means. But the others love you unconditional and there are no words to describe that joy!
Hugs and blessings to you both during this Christmas period and hats off!
Crafting Queen said…
Thank you Joan and Rebecca for all the wonderful work you do for these little furry ones. Sending lots of hugs and blessings. Skipper and Anesha :)
Knatolee said…
Seeing Biscuit's "before" picture made me cry. But his after photo made me smile. You do such amazing work with these cats. He may have lost his right eye, but he is a gorgeous, healthy cat now. Bless you all for the wonderful work you do with all these cats!!!
Kjelle Bus said…
BIG thank you for all the kitty's you save !
Wish you a furry Merry CATmas !
Thank you Rebecca for everything..

Merry Christmas to you both
Anonymous said…
Thanks to both of you for your work in caring for these precious cats. You're both an inspiration to me. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and 2014 is full of blessings! xoxo
Dear Joan, Thank you so much for the wonderful sentiments of love and thanks,it was such a lovely surprise to see all those pictures of me and my little ones. I am so happy to be able to contribute with the wonderful work you have developed here in Syros. The most incredible rescues of so many cats who with out a doubt would have perished if you hadn't saved them. It is such a joy for me every single day to be able to see these cats now in all their finery being just as a cat should be full of life and love. I am so lucky to say I now have so many new friends and they are a real credit to you. The icing on the cake is my wake up good morning kiss from "Buttons" my first solo rescue and then swiftly followed by the three beautiful flowers all wanting to demonstrate their love to me. It is such bliss and it makes the heartache times in this work just a little easier to bear. Thank you Joan for being as silly and smitten as me and may be both continue to be for a long time to come. Thank you also to all your readers for their kind comments and support, I am truly touched. Much love
Catherine said…
What a beautiful post Joan! I believe you both are angels on Earth helping these little kitties that need love and support.
Many good thoughts.
xo Catherine
Bulldoggrrl said…
Both of you are angels. Bless your kind and loving hearts.
I wish you both a very prosperous New Year and hope the giving (toward the kittens and cats)is overwhelming. Much love,
Glenda from Kansas
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