Love the sentiment behind this book


I love the sentiment behind this charming book. A group of more than 20 people have contributed to this book with stories of why they love their cat. Each one of them have waived fees for the benefit of the Celia Hammond Animal Trust in England - an animal trust with real heart and compassion. They run three low-cost neuter clinics for cats and dogs belonging to people unable to afford private veterinary fees - and a 24-hour rescue service and cat sanctuary. Also they rehabilitate feral cats, which other animal charities considers too difficult to catch and rehome. The founder, Celia Hammond, works out of from the sentiment to never label and animal a lost cause.

I just love when humans goes that extra mile. In a world where humans at large have become departed from themselves, acts of kindness almost seems a distant thought. But these little acts constitutes a larger consciousness. We need to nurture the essence of kindness in this world because just like an animal becoming extinct, so will the essence of  kindness, compassion and tenderness if not nurtured. Imagine a world without it... that would truly be a hostile environment - and coming back to caring for animals, why should their experience be any lesser than ours??

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the Celia Hammond Animal Trust. You can buy the book "Fur Babies - Why we love cats" at 


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