Another human with feelings

Yes, MJ deserves a mention on this blog. He was known for his love for both children and animals and I love this picture because the sweet, tender and loving nature of his soul is so visible. 

Often when I've read or heard of an animal having been mistreated, abandoned or other - or seeing a dog waiting outside a shop anxious for it's owner to return... it always fills me with the same feeling: Does anyone take notice of that little soul in there? Is is really SEEN by the humans dealing with it? Does anyone bother to take notice of what it is REALLY trying to say??

I'm left with a similar afterthought about MJ. I believe he had rare tender and fine feelings (recognised by the people who's read his book with poems and reflections), but it is evident that he felt very misunderstood and not seen for the gentle spirit within.

Normally I get very strong feelings about animals under the mantle "do not hurt" and I have to say that I get the exact same feelings watching this picture, but here it is both about the animal and the human!!

MJ is here pictured with his pet llama Louie, which he rescued from a circus where the llama was used for performing.


Anna E said…
Lovely - all feelings, no pure and tender (sigh) xo

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