Wisdoms from a snail


It's a fun challenge to see what new or 'undiscovered' I can see in a picture like this. I'm searching pictures and the realms of animals big and small and this is what happened today...

What wisdom can one gain from a snail? Well, I'm tempted to say: 
What's the rush - you'll get there in the end!

And I believe it's not far off actually. In life when I've been real busy, late and in a hurry to get somewhere fast, I've always found that being in a rush, getting hot and hooting at others to move over doesn't help one darn bit. It doesn't get you there any faster. Actually, I have to admit, that if I've hooted at others, or pressured anyone in traffic so that I could catch the green light, they always seem to arrive at the next RED light (because you always catch the red light when you're busy, don't you) at the same time as me.

Well, you loose yourself don't you. And how can you really arrive somewhere on time when you are not with yourself? That surely must be the 'trick' behind why the slow driver seems to arrive at the same place as you, even though you've driven like mad to get there. They on the other hand have been with themselves, probably even able to enjoy the ride.

It's said about Indian sages that they will sit around in an airport for 24 hours if they have been flying, waiting for their soul also to arrive. The human soul simply doesn't move at the speed of an airplane. 

So, here's to the wisdom of the little snail on your way!


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