1-0 to Mickey Mouse

I know not all people might appreciate the idea of a Mickey Mouse, especially not when they're inside your house - bedroom to be specific. Nevertheless, this is were "these gifts" personally gets delivered in this household. We've got a couple of exellent mouse hunters with fast paws and frankly, they're so efficient that I sometimes think the mice around here has a really tough time. With lots of falcons and owls around too, these little critters has to run real fast. Maybe that's why the do!! Run fast that is.

We have this policy in the house that "murder" has to happen outside, and since the "gifts" hasn't always (rarely) been finished off before they make it into the house, we often find ourselves in a frantic mouse catching chase. And boy are they fast!! The other day we were up against the fastest I've ever encountered. Too fast for it's own legs, it skidded on the floor whilst it tried to run for cover. Just like in a cartoon. We finally gave up and believed it would be easier to catch it the next day, thinking it would be exhausted. During the night we heard the cats have a go. Poor thing. The next day I found a bit of blood but no mouse. Then... a few hours later when I sat quietly in my working studio, there was suddenly a rustling little sound from a pile of small pillows on the floor. One of the pillows had a small hole and there was feathers lying around... the pillow had obviously become a nest! It seemed as if it'd gotten rather comfy, but still I knew I had to rescue it. And on the chase went again. The small pool of blood had come from its tail which had gotten nibbled at the tip (really, poor little thing), so I thougth it surely would be easy to catch. But this was a mouse with an iron will. I tell ya! I used an empty kitchen towel roll which they tend to run for cover inside quite easily. I had to STUFF it in whilst its rear legs was holding their ground firmly! Finally ready for its release in the garden, I almost wanted to shake its little paw thinking it had been the most worthy opponent.

Just hope his tail made a not too painful recovery.


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