All it took to make me happy!

Just wanted to share this response to Sunshine's comment on todays blog about prayers.

Sometimes it can be rather sad knowing about all the animals in desperate need in this world. Therefore I sometimes get SO elated at small gestures in places where it seems no one would otherwise have a care. The other day whilst walking through a Greek town besieged with cats I wished I could have created a small shelter in the middle of it all providing some shelter and food for the cold and hungry cats. And then in the middle of it all... a bit of light appeared! Someone had put a small cardboard box covered in plastic (and with a piece of wood on top to keep it from flying away) on their door step. Next to it there was a small bowl of food and a bowl for water. That's all it took to make me happy! Someone showed a little bit of care and obviously to the extent they were able!! I really thought it didn't take much, but if each person was able to do just a little bit. What a difference that would make.

Wished I'd taken a photo but this "model" photo will have to do.


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