A true gentle man


If there was a historic person you could sit down and have dinner with, who would it be?? Well, of course there are many great historic people to choose between, but I would love to sit down with Albert Schweitzer and talk about animals. Among many other titles he is known as a 'lover of animals'. He had such extraordinary ethics about life - all life. Here's a small extract from his beautiful writing "Reverence for Life" - I think it is just exquisite.

The fundamental fact of human awareness is this: "I am life that wants to live in the midst of other life that wants to live." A thinking man feels compelled to approach all life with the same reverence he has for his own. Thus, all life becomes part of this own experience. From such a point of view, "good" means to maintain life, to further life, to bring developing life to its highest value. "Evil" means to destroy life, to hurt life, to keep life from developing. This, then, is the rational, universal, and basic principle of ethics.



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