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Dear friends in the blogosphere...

I received this mail update today from Make Animal Testing History. Might you consider lending your voice to this URGENT matter. Thank you!! http://www.makeanimaltestinghistory.org/the-march.php

Dear Make Animal Testing History marcher,
Thank you! You are one of nearly 70,000 people marching to Make Animal Testing History through the revision of European Union legislation on animal experiments.

Over 12 million animals are used each year in EU laboratories, many in countries with very few rules to protect them. Your support has helped us to call for numerous improvements to existing legislation such as ethical evaluation for each experiment, regular unannounced inspections, increased action on developing non-animal alternative tests and for legal limits to be placed on the severity of experiments.

Dr Caroline Lucas MEP, President of the European Parliament Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, receives our Make Animal Testing History pledges.

On October 21st, as the final stage of discussions between the European Parliament and Council began, we presented your call for animal protection rules to be strengthened and for animal experiments to be replaced with humane alternatives, to a special 'intergroup' gathering of Members of the European Parliament and a representative of the EU Presidency.

We explained why your views matter, and why it is important that they listen to citizens like you, who want to see an end to animal suffering and the promotion of more advanced research techniques.

Discussion of the new legislation may finish soon if the Council and Parliament reach agreement quickly. However, if they cannot reach agreement, the Parliament will hold a full debate in the first half of 2010.

We will alert you as soon as this becomes clear but in the meantime, we are keeping the Make Animal Testing History virtual march open so please continue to ask your friends to join and follow us on facebook.

Thank you
The Make Animal Testing History team


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