The distinct pleasure


Some years back when I volounteered at a local cat shelter, I had the distinct pleasure of taking the Christmas shift which no one volounteered to do. Some people might just have done the basics and rushed back for their own Christmas celebration, but frankly, apart from my own family I couldn't have been in better or more darling company. Apart from the several unwanted and abandorned cats there was also an entire caravan full of kittens in isolation due to them all having the flu. And what do you do when you have a caravan full of tiny little kittens that have just gotten seperated from their moms and siblings, frigthened and in unknown surroundings? Well, you want to take them all home! If you've forgotten just how utterly irresistible they are, take a look at these pictures of just one Greek kitten. I'm telling ya... you're defenseless and want to put them all in your pocket. They were all flocking around me and one in particular litteraly crawled under my woolen sweater looking for closeness and comfort, so I just sat with it for ages calming it from shivering. There were albsolutely no thoughts of going back home for Christmas celebrations and I completely lost track of time. If it hadn't been for my own family wanting my company for Christmas I could happily have stayed on.

So here's to sparing a thought for all those darling animals sat out there in shelters waiting for a new and loving home. May they all quickly find a safe home and the best of human company.

All images from Roeselien Raimond's fabulous photostream.


Anna E said…
You are right - it is absolutely irresistable to take one of these woolen darlings home! Personally I find it most unfair that several humans - including myself - are allergic to animals! As a child I was the lucky owner of a dog, that I had begged my parents for for years. It was such a priviledge to take care of and build a faithfull relationship with it, and with other animals as well. However the allergy came as a stopper to it all - what a shame what a grief. Had it not been due to allergy, I am sure many more of these lovely kittens would find safe homes, and we could all live in a close relation with Gods little People. So dear Mr. God, let all allergy flee - that is one of my wishes for the New Year! :-)

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