A 6th sense


Well, as I wrote about a few weeks back, there's those amazing service dogs - like St. Bernards, which have an amazing sense of finding people trapped in avalances. Just like those service dogs helping out in Haiti this very moment, finding people trapped in the rubble after the earthquake. And talking of which... we've heard of how animals have this 6th sense and can feel the earthquake in advance and therefore escape. I've never seen any footage of this phenonema, but take a look at this link - here is a dog that knows for sure and is getting out in no uncertain terms.

Do they have a closer connection to the planet and can therefore feel the subtle frequency in advance? Whichever way... a "6th sense" indeed!


Anna E said…
It is really amazing to see. And it looks like animals have somehow a closer connection to the planet. However, I wonder if humans have "lost" that close connection due to filling themselves up with all kind of "noises", and are therefore not able to "hear" the earthquake in advance? Can it be, that humans have a choice which things we want to be open and sensitive towards, whereas animals don´t have that choice?...

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