A fairy world

Collecting plant down for padding...

- and camouflaged with lichen!

I've written about these ethereal little creatures before - but aren't hummingbirds just a little bit of perfection!? They really are like something taken staight out of a fairy world with their fluttering wings - too fast for the naked eye - and their nests held together with spider webs, padded with plant down and camouflaged with lichen.

Pictures ©east27.com and ©earthsanctuary.org



Anna E said…
You are right - these birds must come from fairy land :-) Such finesse, such tiny and delicate creatures. No wonder many children - including my daughter aged 8, have a deep wish to be able to fly like birds and fairies. Imagine how "uplifting" it would be to look down upon the world, and there is a childrens song, that discripes it so well (in danish "Se den lille stær, den er åh så fornøjet"). Lovely :-)

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