Humbled by your grace

(Poem by Debbie Louise Fleet)

I am honoured by your majesty,
Yet humbled by your grace,
Yours is a world of service,
Masked by a gentle face.

Your strength is undisputed,
You have the power to kill,
But never would you knowingly harm,
Naturally it is not your will.

You carry us to dizzying heights,
With the willingness of a child,
And the innocence of an angel,
Hard to imagine you came from the wild.

You show the purest love,
Even when life for you is hard,
As humans we often spoil the pure,
Our priorities generally marred.

You can be whipped, kicked and hounded,
Yet one can never see a tear,
But we can see it in your spirit,
And your eyes they show your fear.

I can never take for granted,
The gifts you give so free,
So simple yet so intricate,
You ask nothing from the world you see.

To get you to serve your fullest,
We must never hurt or force,
The creature who has won our hearts,
That my friend is you the horse.


Anna E said…
Wonderfull - beautifull poem, such humility and service...Imagine the world, if we (humans, ment to be "higher") carried such qualities forward in our daily life as descriped here. Wonder if these qualities /character go with "The Horse" in chineese astrology, where 12 animals go with each a year in the cycle of 12?? Interesting study.. :-)

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