Don't you like to still ask childish questions like "how on earth did that blue color get into those butterfly wings?"... or "how did it get that pattern?" And I'm not seeking those dry cut scientific answers. And what's up with the incredible metamorphosis? I mean, it goes from the physical state of a catapillar, it then 'melts' into the liquid state of the chrysalis and reappears into a more spectaclular physical state. When you see that alien looking proces of the green larvae turning into a brownish chrysalis, you have to wonder where in that proces the new form, color and pattern got popped in. Magic!!


Anna E said…
You are absolutely right, it is a wonder and magic, but sometimes one can forget about the magic in daily living, so thank you for the reminding. And thank you for the lovely picture, pure healing to the eyes and mind! :-)

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