Off the chart


Yesterday Sky News showed one of those headlines that should be obligatory everyday... just as an antidote to all the distressing items that floods the news these days.

It was about this gorgeous newborn baby antelope which has just been born in Chester zoo in England. She is being hand-reared by keepers after cold weather apparently interfered with her mother's maternal instincts.

If there's such a thing as cute levels, then this one is off the chart - don't you think!? If that was my desk she was standing on I wouldn't get a thing done all day! She's absolutely precious.

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Anna E said…
Yes, absolutely. No other comments - you´ve said it all!! :-)) Lovely...
sunshine said…
She is just adorable, thanks for sharing!
Carsten said…
She is adorable indeed and is, in its way, showing the right kind of peaceful and trustful attitude towards other living creatures. She reminds me of my children, before they got big and noisy - perhaps I should enlarge this picture and hang it on the wall in my living room and let its peaceful radiation teach them the most important learning of all: do not disturb the parents!

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