Providing a clear message

In Rupert Sheldrake's book, that explores the unexplained powers of animals, there are lots of seemingly dry facts - at least for those of us who just knows about the inner lives of animals. The best bits in the book are the little snippets of case studies of  humans with their pet or animal. Like this story of a woman communicating with her horse: 

"Riding Kazan became somewhat nerve-racking, since I never knew when he was going to spook. Until, that is, I tried communicating with him telepathically. I first tried it when I wanted him to cross a white wooden bridge. He wouldn't even place a hoof on it the first few times I tried, so the next time I came out to ride, I held in my mind a sharp and clear picture of him walking calmly across the bridge with me on his back. It worked! We approached the bridge, stepped on to it, and crossed it without a moment's hesitation or misstep. Hooray! I was so impressed by the success of my experiment, that I started using telepathy in my daily horse routines. When I want Kazan to step into a horse trailer, I picture it happening and in he goes". (Lisa Chambers, Chico, California).


Anna E said…
Amazing - I had no idea that telepathy would work with animals. On the other handside, they might be more open than humans, who are probably often preoccupied by other things :-)

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