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It's still freezing cold in this part of the world and we've got continued frost and snow. I've been feeding the birds throughout this extremely cold spell, as a matter of fact I feed the birds throughout the year. I love their lovely twitter in the garden. But today when I saw a pigeon lying on top of an underground heat vent - desperately trying to keep warm -  I just wanted to remind everyone to spare them a thought and to leave out a fat ball - it's the fat that they rely on to keep warm, but they also need the actual food, which is very difficult for them to find when the ground is covered by snow.

Also, I just came across a 10 day old article which estimated that a whopping 75-90% of small birds will die from hunger if the cold continues for more than 14 days. Well, that's 10 days ago, and right now the weather forecast shows nothing but snow and frost for the next 6 days... and probably beyond. So please,  do remember the wild birds in this freezing cold.

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sunshine said…
Well, it's not cold here but at my house we also feed the birds, even those black ones that sometimes are mean to other birds are getting their share... can imagine how hard it must be for them (at our end), to keep warm and find food with the ground cover by snow...
Hope u keeping warm as well, if not, then come visit me!!!!
You've got no idea how tempting that offer is :-)) and lovely to hear about you feeding the birds!!
Anna E said…
I had no idea, so many birds were dying from the cold! However, have put out some fat balls, which no birds come to eat. And where I live we are not allowed to put up a bird-house, or even throw food on the ground, due to the risk of rats!!! So it is a shame. One positive thing about the snow though: My mother read in the newspaper, that mice - living in the forest - have "a party". They enjoy the snow, under which they can safely find food, because their enemies can´t find them! So there is a bit of light in the darkness what animals and cold /snow is concerned :-)

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