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I so believe that it is our human task to enhance the life of those beautiful and magnificent creatures we share this planet with, that it's been such a delight to write this blog. I'm celebrating this with a new years gift to myself - or this blog rather - in the shape of these fabulous mini moo cards. Yes, moo, it almost couldn't be more fitting! - but that's what they are called, and I love them. What a great way to spread the word by giving it to friends or leave them in random places. Who knows, if it reaches just a few, brilliant! If you want to spread the word about what's in your heart, mind and soul go visit moo, they're great.


Anna E said…
What a great idea, and such catching pictures on the cards :-) Personally I am going to put an advert in the local school Newsletter, announcing the blogspot, so it might be some of the parents will have a look, and it might catch and upgrade their way of thinking about animals - or Gods Little People - as it has caused in me. Lots of support!!!
Robin Goyal said…
I find the use of technology in spreading the word of GOD very useful. We have been doing so by the use of social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc... I found a new way to spread the Word of God, by the use of smartphone application. Now a days where you can see smartphone in the hand of every human, the use of smartphone for this purpose becomes more effective. The other day i downloaded an application named Bible Verses Wallpaper-Lite for this very purpose. This application puts holy verses on your phone wallpaper. What is more amazing is that the verses keep on changing after some time. In today’s world everyone keeps their phone with themselves every time, so whenever you see your phone you see a verse. This helps in memorizing Bible Verses Also. The application can be downloaded from the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nbs.free.goodfriday to your android phone.
You can send the verse as a message to your friend or post the verse to your friend’s facebook wall and send verse as as SMS to any contact from your contact list.
What could be more better way to share the Word Of The Lord. God bless us all.

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