When a little makes a BIG difference


A while back I saw a news item about people in England abandoning their animals, because they couldn't afford feeding them due to the financial crisis. I have to admit that I felt angry... I mean, you don't just abandon your children, do you?? But sadly this has become more of a global 'trend' and today I discovered that it's just as much of a problem in America, and I believe you've got to be painfully desperate to abadon your pet.

But... in times of hardship compassion appears - and don't you just LOVE that? I do!! I really love when humans go out of their way to help animals (and other humans too!) and I especially love the fact of how little it actually takes to make a big difference sometimes. Even if that big difference might seem small. A woman called Kelee Katillac came up with a brilliant idea about how to raise money for pet food for those suffering the effects of the financial crisis. You might get a bit misty eyed watching it (I did), but here it is.

Photo ©Katillacshack.com


Anna E said…
Yes, indeed the eyes got misty! The americans seem to have a great way of fundraising;It almost seems like the pets with the scarfs want to help raise money for their less fortunate friends :-) So moving to watch the love, the lady has for her "children", and how help can be obtained if we all put minds and hands together - perhaps a design idea for the homeless animals in Denmark too..?

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