An officer and a gentleman


Isn't it lovely how animals sometimes have the ability to stop humans in their track? This sweet photo was found under the title "An officer and a gentleman" (sharing some tasty ice cream) LOL! It's got a similar essence to this photo posted last February. 

A fine photo is sometimes defined by a good composition, light, shadow and so on... but these photos simply wins you over because of the story they portray. Love them!!

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sunshine said…
This photo is defined by being in touch with our soul and the link that we all have with all living things... That kitty is adorable!
Anna E said…
It´s a very funny and sweet picture. Couldn´t help but think "cats share with us the privilege of loving icecream" LOL! Right now the neighbour´s cat looks right at me through the window, and I am sure it would like to share with me the privilege of sitting in a warm comfortable room ;-))

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