Keep the little people in mind


I've reported on our freezing cold winter here before and I've got to mention it again because I'm really taken aback by how hard the animals are hit by it. The snow and sub zero temperatures has been going now for 7 weeks and the deep freeze is expected to last for at least another 3 weeks. It's beginning to take it's toll on the little people and now deers, fish, foxes, wild cats and birds are dying from the both the freezing cold and lack of food, because it's all hidden under a thick layer of snow. Yesterday I read that "some millions" of blackbirds will die and locally some small bird species will die out due to the cold. Due to their desperation I'm beginning to see bird species in the garden that I've never even seen before. As the deer above, it really now is a matter of finding food where ever they can.

So here's to hoping that there's plenty of good hearted people out there that'll keep the little people in mind and help feed them whilst this deep freeze lasts.

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Anna E said…
Funny picture ;-) Perhaps time to make a "carrot-man" with snow on. Strange how the weather can affect different species. Good for the mice, bad for the "killer-snails" (which is good for humans), but indeed sad for the birds, deer etc. Yesterday we wanted to feed the ducks by the ocean, but it turned out, they were too far away, since the water was frozen, and they were in the water approximately 100 meters away. But some bread was left by the ice, perhaps the seagulls could use it..

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