Those who had the insight and the wisdom


Maybe I've a had an earlier incarnation in some ancient time when animals, and especially cats were revered. I love all animals but it's no secret that I am besotted with cats. Don't even know if I love them more, I just feel so akin to their nature. Anyway...

The ancient civilizations had insights long lost and I feel sure humanity would cringe at how animals are treated today if, for just a moment, they were allowed the insight ancient civilizations had.

It's a well-known fact that cats were sacred and so revered in ancient Egypt that they were protected from harm by law. If a person killed a cat, on purpose or by accident, the offense was punishable by death.

"Feline reverence is not limited to ancient Egyptian civilization. Muslim theology maintains that the prophet Muhammad once found his cat sleeping on his robe; instead of waking it, he went on without it so as not to disturb the animal. This story teaches caring and mercifulness to all animals, not only cats (the same tale is also told about Chinese emperor Shih Huang Ti). This reverence is in ancient Indian texts, where records of cats involved with human society can be found in two ancient Indian great epics, the Ramayana and Mahābhārata, circa 500BC. As the Hindu and Parsee religions respected all forms of life and were especially sympathetic towards cats, Hindus were expected to take care of at least one cat during their lives." (from Wikipedia).

I do believe though, that a time will come when humanity will once again come to their senses and discover what they lost.

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Anna E said…
It certainly is enigmatic, what you write about cats. Causes me to have some wonders: The colour of the eyes of the cat on the photo are white-blue, almost like a star. Often cats have green eyes, could it have to do with a mixture of "frequencies" from the earth (blue planet) and the sun (yellow)? The shape of the pupils are like eclipses, which is not that common on the planet as the round shape of fx. human pupils. Cats love to climp UP a tree. It is said, that cats have "nine lives", why not two or five? You can hardly hear a cat when it is walking, it is very light and elegant. Why is it that a cat is "its own" and seemingly without the faithfullness that a dog has towards it´s owner? A cat is easily "adopted" by a new family if they feed it and care for it. Can a cat see the stars or other "unseen things"? I once heard, that no animals but eagles can see the stars. But I have a sence, that a cat might be able to. Lots of ponders... :-)

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