The art of waiting

As you might have discovered I've gone wide screen so as to be able to better present some of those amazing photos I come across.

This photo above comes from one of my favorite wildlife photographer Lincoln Karim, who's dedicated to capturing the life of Pale Male - a hawk residing in Central Park NY. To me his photos comes real close to what I would call essence photography. The kind of photography where the photographer is struck by something special... the mystery of something - and wants to be able to capture some of what that might be. As an example with this hawk, he's been photographing it for years. He is completely dedicated to it. I once watched him in "action" in Central Park and I tell you, it was more about the art of waiting. Mysteries don't ever  reveal themselves on demand do they? But on the other hand, those that have the patience, are still and dedicated enough... it's like they discover something waiting to  be revealed.

To me his pictures are so intimate, like I can feel his fascination, dedication and sense of emphaty with this bird. In this picture it's almost like watching Leonardo Da Vinci's Vetruvian Man. It's like you get a little insight into the brilliance that created those magnificent wings. And the look in its face is like you get a glimpse into it's mind . And can't you also feel the photographers marvel at those red tail wings? Maybe I'm a bit too enthused, but I find that there's something almost caressing in his level of detail photographing this hawk. It's just quite exquisite.

You can find more photos by following this link underneath. There's some pretty spectacular images from February if you go into the archives. If you read the photographers description of taking the pictures of the hawks you can derive that gravity is just really getting in his way. He wants to be at one with those birds in the sky.

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Anna E said…
Yes, now I can see, you have gone wide screen. Thanks for sharing the photos, they are absolutely awestriking and tell a whole story. And it strikes me, how a lot of design and architecture comes out from the fascination and copying of animals and nature; The colours and patterns of these wings, it is just so beautiful. It is an amazing desinger, who has put this combination together, and I can also understand why some people (including my own daughter) have an urgent wish to be able to fly! :-)

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