A sweet encounter


After the post about reverence for cats and animals a dear friend of mine mailed me these sweet pictures of the encounter between her 8 year old daughter Selma and a cat named Diva. I know that they themselves would love to have a cat, but unfortunately can't due to someone in the family suffering from cat allergy. Luckily her little daugther doesn't suffer from cat allergy, and Selma was therefore deligthed when she had this encounter with the cat living next door to her grandparents. The cat Diva was on her own because her owners had gone on a skiing holiday, so she was obviously keen for some company. I think these pictures are so sweet because they clearly demonstrate:
  • That the cat is obviously more interesting than the making of a snowman!
  • How tender small children naturally are with animals - what a lovely engagement between the two of them.
  • That a cat has it's very own cat psychology... the tentative approach, the spreading of feromones, the need  and want for a cuddle and the sweet surrender whilst being cuddled - even if it means rolling around in the cold snow, LOL!! How darling is that pussy! 
Selma is also a real cutie pie, so no wonder the cat was attracted to her!

P.S. I asked for permission to use these pics for the blog and since Selma wants to be famous  (LOL!) I was granted permission. (Thank you!).

P.S.S. Yes, Diva was being fed and looked after whilst her owners went on their holiday.


Anna E said…
What an endearing post! Thanks very much, and Selma says thank you for the sweet words, you wrote about her! :-) And you have a marvellous way of seing the story and the "undseen" part of what goes on in a picture, and finding the exact words to descripe it - catching the heart, soul and core of it. Excellent <3

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