A happy piece of birthday cake


Okay, so you're probably wondering the relevance of a piece of birthday cake on Gods Little People! Well, I can reveal that it's all about the yellow color inside the cake.

A friend of mine sent me the photo and mentioned how yellow the inside of this birthday cake had turned out because it was made with eggs from happy free range chickens. If you buy eggs from caged chickens in my mother country (Denmark), it's likely they will come from a chicken farm with a permission of 16 caged chicken per square metre!!! (God forbid) whereas if you buy free range eggs the limit is 25 chickens per 100 square metres. Doesn't it make you crazy?? I mean the chickens doesn't get to decide which life they're born into. Some are "lucky" some are not. To think humans use their power over animals like that... to breed a chicken into a life with 15 other "inmates" just to produce for humans. It's a hugely distressing concept.

So yes, I felt deligthed at the sight of this happy piece of birthday cake. I'm sure it tasted delicious.

Chicken image from thedailygreen.com


Andrea said…
Thank you for praying for my friend, MaryGrace!
Heart2Heart said…
What a wonderful to know that things like this are hopefully starting to become the new norm. I love that you have this option becoming more available. We too have some but the prices are a little out of the reach. Hopefully they will get competitive on the pricing and keep it affordable for others.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Anna E said…
It sure did - it tasted wonderfull :-) <3

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