The way to the inner sanctum


If you thought the most holy of inner sanctums is a place in the Vatican in Rome then... well, you might want to reconsider.

To me this is a perfect representation of an inner sanctum. Clean, uncorrupted, still, at peace. Don't you just want to dive in and have a piece of it? To have the skill and finesse to prize open those paws (because it must be upon invitation only) and place a kiss on that pink little nose. Bliss! I'm in heaven.


Melinda said…
Hi Joan, I've just found your blog - sent to me by a mutual friend. I just love your pics and comments, what a great GLP endeavour. All support! Mel
junelle said…
Oh...I love your thoughts with the photo. Beautiful! We loved Nora last night as well...watched it over and over again! :o) Hugs!
Hi Mel, thanks very much.
Don't know if you're the Mel I'm thinking you are, but in that case I've often wondered how your own GLP endeavour is progressing and hope all is well. Should you ever want to share a good story and a link here (your own that is) you are most welcome to let me know.
Thanks Junelle, she (is it a she?) is completely irresistible! And yes, Nora is so sweet to watch isn't she.

Thank you SO much for letting me use your precious little pieces of artwork!
Big hug :-)
Anna E said…
causes OCYTOCIN !! ;-)) <3
Oxytocin indeed! xox :-)

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