Prophetic beginnings

Newcomer Mr Moggles - doesn't understand the word NO in any language but he is a complete charmer!

Two years ago today I started this blog with a simple image and text. The image was a holiday shot of a couple of cats having just been fed by a caring soul on a little Greek island. I'd been traveling to this particular island for some years and always thought how I would love to get my heart and soul into doing something for the cats on this island. Little did I know that I would be living here two years later (I really didn't know!). But... here I find myself today living on this very island and I'm happily immersed in feeding two colonies apart from a sweet little one appearing in my own garden.

This blog is about my overall love for animals and was never intended to be solely about cat stories, but as you can imagine it's a bit difficult to not write about what's in front of my eyes. In the end it comes down to the same issue - tender loving care and inclusion of all God's little soulful people. So I will continue to share whichever animal story - as and when it appears.

Kitten Molly arrived in the garden with the recent torrential rain. 
Molly doesn't miaow she squeeks... so sweet.

But today is a particularly great day. I believe I've been part of kicking up enough fuss for local vets to tend to the cat problem - way way too many cats and way to few who wants to look properly after them. Properly to mean food, water, shelter and vet care when needed. And that's just the basics before some loving human interaction. When you come from a culture (as I do) that consider cats "a proper pet" it's hard to get around the fact of each cat not having all that a pet should have (and a warm bed at night... yes, I'm a major softie when it comes to those furry bundles!!).  SO... this week the local vets have agreed to volunteer the entire week to neutering cats and this is BRILLIANT news! The turn out of this week will probably be something like minus the birth of about 1000 kittens (just for the coming season) and that will seriously keep 1000 new cats from a miserable existence.  

This is a good way to celebrate a two year blog birthday... being part of making a little difference! 

Images ©Joan Rachlitz Bowell


Marg said…
Wow that really is exciting. I was so excited to catch the Momma kitty around here. It only took me two years to get her but at least we are not having any more kittens. Good job to you to get those vets to help.
Thanks for coming by with purrs for Lucky. We know it will work.
Deb said…
Wonderful news. You have done something really important there by being a voice for this problem. Good for you. The best of luck to all. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5
sunshine said…
Happy Blog anniversary to you! I love to visit, read your words of wisdom and share that special bond we share for all of Gods Little People.
All that you do for those animals is amazing and I know God is watching over them and specially over you! Hugs and best wishes for many years of wonderful blogging!
junelle said…
Yeah! I am so thrilled for all the cats in your life~ they are going to have a lovely experience in this world with you around. Kisses and Hugs to each and all!

A wonderful anniversary gift to us all~ You!
kathrin said…
great pics, I love the animals ! big hugh Kathrin
K. said…
Congratulations! I am happy for you and for the kittens!
Wonderful to get the vets involved. That's the only true way to help keep them healthy and not multiplying. Pam
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR AMAZING BLOG! You have a heart of gold and your posts always leave me with a warm feeling in my heart and are truly inspiring...I thank you!!!
You should be soooo proud of what you have accomplished for those kitties!!! You are opening their eyes to loving, appreciating and protecting glorious cats!
Catsparella said…
Congrats on celebrating your two year Blogoversary, and thank you for all the work you do! :)
Anna E said…
Congratulations with the blog anniversary, and the results of your persistent work! Amazing how this "cat-adventure" has evolved, and it must take quite something to get the vets volunteering for a whole week, wow! Makes me think of the film "Chocolate", so it´ll be interesting to see, if the "wind" takes you to some other place, or if this is your "final destination" for now... :-)
Daisy said…
Oh my goodness, what wonderful news!

Your photos are gorgeous.
Luzia said…
Cats are one of the best things in life! Hugs from Luzia.
My heart leapt with joy when I read this good news. What a wonderful success story it would be if every cat could be a loved and wanted cat. Living feral is not a good life, unless there is a caring person near at hand to step in when needed.

(Milo and Alfie's mom)

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