Benji's friends


Maybe you remember this ginger boy... Benji, who we rescued (he was in a pitiful state) from a miserable dumpster life on the 1st of March this year. In spite of a somewhat compromised immune system (he is currently on his 5th antibiotic treatment since he was rescued!) he is thriving and in the company of good friends.

It's difficult to tell what happened in the first few months of his life but his is both extremely hyper and extremely gentle. He will wear out all the other cats in turn (Tiny & Ninja fled him in the beginning - they got so fed up with the incessant need to play-wrestle) until Mr. Moggles took over - a former alpha male never resisting a good "fight." Benji and Mr. Moggles hang out all day - in fact they adore each others company.  It's sounds like they've having a major fight but minuttes later you will, literally speaking, find them in each  others arms  lovingly and endearingly washing each other. So when Benji is all wrestled out and mellow he will happily go and chill out with Tiny and Ninja. Then he might even give them the treat of a loving wash.

I did indeed promise to get back with some images of the kittens Twinkle and Emma playing together. Unfortunately Emma's had a very bad flu - I suspect she caught the bug from Benji. She for some inexplicable reason also adores play-wrestling with him - I think she is not aware of her own size (t-i-n-y!! shhh...) - so she is now recovering (much better already). Benji is very gentle with her - no claws - but he on the other hand still believes he is a kitten and will sit full weight on top of her until she squeeks for mercy. Yes, it's a kindergarten (a gorgeous one!) and it does need supervision from time to time! Anyhow... so I promise to come back to the kittens in the next post.


kathrin said…
wow how nice that cats and the colours of the cats and the country, the light is specially and it looks wonderful, big hugh Kathrin
Julia Williams said…
so sweet...that middle picture just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love when cats find such good friends in other cats!
Marg said…
I really like the name Benji. I have an orange cat that is really nervous too and plays really rough. The other cats don't understand him either. Those are great pictures and we sure hope Benji gets all better eventually. WE also hope Emma gets better soon. Sending lots of purrs for everyone. Take care.
Anna E said…
Such LOVELY and wonderful images - they tell a whole story in themselves! :-) It sounds like an unending unfolding theatre that you are witness to every day, it must be so satisfying. Good to hear that Emma is better!!
And the quality of the pictures, feels like you and your camera together have made a "leap": The first picture gives a feeling of the coolness of the stonehouse and the contrast of the warm sun outside. The middle picture is full of union. The last picture wow ... I mean look at the way the sunbeams blend with the stones and the way it gives the fur of the kittens a "magical" spell. Hvilken æstetisk oplevelse. Thank you :-))
Deb said…
Those photographs are just gorgeous. I love the natural colours. There is nothing more photogenic than a cat. Love to see Benji doing well.
ABBY said…
What a handsome mancat you are!
your photos and stories are always so magical, inspiring and full of beauty. I pray the kitties continue to do well...I hope that nasty flu clears up soon!
Catherine said…
I'm glad the kitties are getting along. Benji is so sweet. I am thinking this is one very lucky kitty to be cared for by you. I really like the first photo of Benji in the sunlight ~ so pretty!
xo Catherine
Bossy Betty said…
What absolute beauties!!! Loved hearing about these wonderful creatures!
MarkD60 said…
We can't get out hands on the cats we are trying to tame. A friend was telling us he has a stray he's been feeding for years who still won't let him near her.
Beautiful pictures, and I'm curious as to what building the big stone window is from
missing moments said…
Love Benji's first photo in the window. He is lucky he has found you!
Vicky at PPCT said…
Glad Benji is doing so well. Thank you for the lovely photos :)
Becca said…
Aw, I am so partial to Ginger cats, since I have 2 of them, and think they are just the sweetest things ever! Love the shots of your babies! I just can't believe ANYONE would want to just throw a kitten in to a dumpster, that just gets me so angry! This kitty is so happy & lucky you found him and took care of him. :-)
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

What a remarkable story and the way they learn to interact with each other and become one loving family! It gives one so much joy. That's exactly what happened with our seven. The five kittens; all siblings and the two others from the humane society. They get along fine.
Lots of love,


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