A racehorse track for fairies


Ok, so I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I promised I'll capture some images of the kittens playing together! When I try to capture these two firecrackers together all I get is action tripes or puffs of air as in cartoons. It sounds like a racehorse track for fairies when they play... not very loud but FULL of ACTION!!

Twinkle (above) was born in the wild (and only survivor of a whole litter) so he is "street-smart" in the garden. He knows his way around each bush and bramble.

Emma on the other hand was rescued from drowning in a huge water tank just about a month ago - so she lives indoor and is only gradually getting introduced to the garden.Twinkle is very willing to show her how the tracks around the plants work. Lovely whiffs of mint and lavender rise as they beat around the bushes.

We are fortunate to have a walled garden which acts as a brilliant playpen for the meeting of these little destinies (and all the other characters too). 

I know there's nothing novel about the cuteness of a couple of kittens playing but it's truly special to witness how a couple of complete strangers approach each other and how they have now gradually introduced themselves to each other. To begin with they only lightly touched each other and agreed that no teeth or claws would be involved. They did not play wrestle like siblings normally would. Too shy for that - not really knowing who the other one was.

But today - as a matter of fact - they physically wrestled with each other for the first time. Just like siblings. I take this to be a big vote of confidence in each other knowing that they have no intention of harming each other.

It's also lovely to see how giddy they make the big boys. The bigger boys are captivated watching the little ones play and they love if they can get one of the little ones to run after them. You can almost hear the exhillarated little shreaks of joy. 

 Their common well-being is such a never ending source of joy.


missing moments said…
Never tire of kitty pics ... pure joy!
Becca said…
What a sweet post, and seeing kitty photos always makes my day!
Twinkle's little "kitty toes" in the second photo are just too cute!
Sylvia said…
Twinkle and Emma are so cute !
I enjoyed this post, Joan, beautiful pictures !
Wish you a wonderful weekend,
Deb said…
Looks like Twinkle is a polydactyl or just has really big paws. Gorgeous photos. Just love them to pieces. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
Marg said…
Gosh those two are so cute. Emma sure is a special color. Glad the two of them have decided to to best buddies. It is so neat when that happens. I love watching Lucky and Little Bit. Love the pictures.Have yourself a great week end.
Anesha said…
They are adorable, thanks for the photos!!
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

Twinkle and Emma are so cute and playful together. What a lovely place for them to grow up and play; all sheltered from the evil world.

Lots of love,

Catherine said…
Adorable! It would be so much fun to sit and watch the antics of these kittens. Thank you for sharing your photos!

Happy Weekend!
xo Catherine
ABBY said…
Oh how very special to see these two playing and gazing into the camera. They are both lovely little fairies!

How delightful these kittens are.
I bet the older boys sit watching remembering their youth.
What a kind soul you are...
Twinkle is my fave but they are both precious. Your photos, descriptions, stories never cease to make me smile!
Repositório said…
I am very happy that the story of these two small cats are taking a course very happy! Thank you for giving them one more chance for a dignified life!
Cute photos! You found them posing for the camera! ♥
K. said…
The photos are very beautiful! It makes me happy very much to know that so convalescent this Emma, and Twinkle is so wonderfully striped! That happiness to be able to have such a beautiful garden.
Hugs! Karin
Anna E said…
Hvor er de bare søde! Og det må være skønt at se deres venskab udvikle sig og blive rigtig søskende-agtigt :-)

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